I badly need a haircut. What do I do??????

You wants one of the these


Mine is the Taper model - I think I paid £40 or £50 quid but they're a fair bit more now.
It is easy to do your own, no 1 or no 2 all over. Don't even need a mirror as you can do it by feel.
My mrs then double checks any straggly bits, but that's a bonus, and you can do without.

I'd not buy a consumer brand. I bought one first (Remmington?) and it was utter shyte and I chucked it in the bin, particularly since a pro model is well under a hundred quid - which may sound a fair bit, but If a barber's haircut is what, £10 or £15 then it doesn't take long to pay for itself


Sorry. I happen to have certain standards, even in times of crisis. Chemicals will never touch the surface of The Sacred Temple That Is My Body.
That's going to be difficult to achieve unless you live in an absolute vacuum, which might pose some challenges to the old staying alive thing. You won't have to worry about hair cuts, though.


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Piece of cake with a clipper and the guards. I go for 12mm on the sides and 18mm on top and I have loads of hair (all be it going grey fast).

Been doing my own for years as can't be bothered with waiting at the barbers.

My son has point blank refused to let us cut his - he looks like a yeti !


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Easy to cut your own hair, i've been doing it for 20 years. Although i've been cutting mine shorter and shorter over the years. I dont even bother with the guard combs now and just use the bare blade.


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Clippers. No comb/guide/whatever you call it. Straight down to the wood.
Been that way for 30+ years. Always seen a haircut as a utilitarian item.
Great thing is these days nature is greatly reducing the time it takes to shave it all off.


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I did mine myself, I used the grade 2 attachment on the clippers. it really is easy to do, apart from around the ears and round the back which i got my son to help with. It's a lot easier if you kneel on the floor and bend your head down, you can access 3/4 of your head. The clippers are fairly fool-proof i.e. you can't really go any shorter than the attachment allows. Just make sure the bottom level part of the atatchment is skimming over your head evenly and not at an angle. Then you can just keep going through it as much as you like to catch any stray long bits.


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As others have said, easy as anything with a decent Wahl (accept no substitutes - seriously). The mirror thing's a non-issue - you pretty immediately realise it's all about feel rather than sight...just follow your skull, you really can't go far wrong.


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I've been doing my own, with a little final trimming by her Ladyship, for the last 15 years. When she was in hospital for two months, over Xmas I did it all myself, and apparently it looked OK. Although I did go a step shorter to make sure the edges weren't too ragged.
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