I badly need a haircut. What do I do??????


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I'm sick of looking like some of grey haired Roy Orbison...…. I want it (nearly) all off. I can buy some kind of electric trimmer on Ebay or somewhere, but all the womenfolk in my household are pretty cack-handed to the point of dyspraxia, so that could be a problem. Add to that, and I'm useless with using tools in the mirror, so DIY trimming's a non starter.
I tell you, it's a worry. What should I do? PLEEEEEEASE Help.

Thank you.
I mow my hair every couple of weeks with this.

View: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Remington-Stylist-Clippers-Cordless-Grooming/dp/B00SII8EJA

It's very easy, just lean over a hand basin or whatever.


Been cutting my own, with some clippers I found on Amazon. It’s shorter than I’ve ever had it, but it does the job for me


I've only just started cutting my own this year. Realised there wasn't much point going to a nice barbers and asking for something I could do at home. I do the shaving and my partner trims around the ears/neck line. It's easy enough to do you own. Mow in different directions (but mainly against the grain), go over the same patch more than once and rub your head to feel for any bits you've missed.

Went to cut mine last night and i've lost the number 2 attachment. Do I go down to number 1 or wait and order another number 2?


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You wants one of the these


Mine is the Taper model - I think I paid £40 or £50 quid but they're a fair bit more now.
It is easy to do your own, no 1 or no 2 all over. Don't even need a mirror as you can do it by feel.
My mrs then double checks any straggly bits, but that's a bonus, and you can do without.

I'd not buy a consumer brand. I bought one first (Remmington?) and it was utter shyte and I chucked it in the bin, particularly since a pro model is well under a hundred quid - which may sound a fair bit, but If a barber's haircut is what, £10 or £15 then it doesn't take long to pay for itself
I looked up Wahl and found this......
The Wahl Clipper Corporation, is an American grooming company based in Sterling, Illinois. Wahl manufactures grooming products for people and animals.


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I have a few pairs of clippers and i always buy cordless ones, as i prefer not having a lead getting in the way when cutting my own hair. One of the best clippers i've had, was a Silvercrest one i bought from Lidl. It was pretty cheap at £15, but had ceramic blade and charged in an hour, then the charge lasted for 5 or 6 cuts. Gave a great cut, super sharp and lasted me 6 yrs until the battery finally died and wouldn't take a charge anymore. Still works corded, but i dont want to use it that way.
I've had a Remington clipper before and it was pretty crap. But then i came across the Remington quick cut, it gets such good reviews i thought i'd take a punt on it. I'm really impressed with it, probably the most ergonomically comfortable clipper to cut your own hair with and the wide curved blade also makes it the quickest clipper i've had to complete a finished haircut. Time will tell how long it lasts.



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Nothing wrong with left handers , it doesn’t matter with clippers, they are not handed.


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Wahl clippers, number zero, job done. chicks dig the rugged look.
You'll look like a convict, but aren't we all prisoners of Covid 19 at the minute? By the time the barbers open again you'll be ready for whichever hairstyle you wish.

Hugh Manatee

You could grow a ponytail and enter a Francis Rossi lookalike competition.
We were supposed to be going to see St Francis in a couple of weeks time. That ain't going to happen.

I don't bother with those plastic combs; zero all over for me!

I use a comb when I have to trim the old eyebrows. I had a lecture one morning and decided to tidy the old brows but got distracted. 10 minutes later, I came back, grabbed the trimmers and did the deed whilst expecting to see a few hairs fall as per usual.
Something like a dead badger thumped down onto the tray I was using to catch the hairs.
With panic growing, I checked the cutters. I hadn't fitted the bloody comb before getting distracted.

I spent the next couple of weeks looking like a low rent version of Roger Moore asking a question!


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My 17 year old daughter has been doing mine about every three weeks with some Philips cordless clippers with a number 4. Looks OK, she’s getting quite good at it.


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Nobody badly needs a haircut. Do a selfie every day and you will have something to show your grandchildren or even your great grandchildren. And you can always say:-
"You have no idea how easy your generation have had it, I lived through the coronavirus, WE HAD NO PASTA OR TOILET PAPER".
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