Idiot driver du jour!


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Post your tales below.

The rules:
  • You had to witness the imbecility and nobody should have been seriously injured or killed. I don't want to read endless tales of people being maimed or killed. They deserve threads of their own and this one would rapidly become very depressing if they featured here. I'm looking for 'Phew, that was close!' or 'Serves the idiot right!' NOT 'I will not be able to sleep after seeing that!' ...
  • The driver has to have been a bit more stupid than usual. For example - driving 10 mph over the speed limit doesn't count. Getting a high vehicle stuck under a low barrier would!

Ok, I'll start with a real jaw-dropper that I encountered on today's ride ...

I was heading down a narrow hilltop lane when I spotted a car coming towards me. There was room for us to safely pass each other only ... the driver could not see me. Her children could see me - they were looking out from the back seats and the passenger seat. The driver was busy staring into the screen of a laptop balanced on the dashboard behind the steering wheel! She was too short to see over the top of the screen so every now and then she popped her head up for a quick glance at the road ahead. In between glances the car meandered about the road. I decided that the best thing to do was to dive for the LHS of the road and keep out of her way!

I don't know if she was using the laptop as a SatNav, watching a movie with her kids, using Facebook, Twitter, etc. but whatever it was that she was doing, she certainly was NOT keeping her eyes or attention on the road! :eek:


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A little bit off the subject as it is an incident I had on two wheels but with an engine..I was on a Honda Fireblade.....! (I'm back now on one person power and two wheels, so are my mates now) at the time I had just came home from offshore out on the bikes all day all round Northumberland with said mates, a mile from home passing what I know as a very dodgy junction,I was slowing all the way and bang right at the last minute, nobby pulls out of a junction on my right, tried to put the bike down rather than T boning it but just didn't succeed and ending getting flipped sideways to my right and hitting the wing and window post of his car....Result.. life threatening laceration to my liver and a ruptured spleen, collapsed lung and massive haematoma from my chest to my right kidney.......Well 4 years later on the second of next month still no compensation, I cannot go back to the job I did before the accident as I need a stringent medical to do the job I had, and now the legal eagles are questioning whether I was fit to do the job i was doing since 1990 and having a medical every year up until the accident....... Anyway the upshot of it is last week just starting to get out on the new 1 person power 2 wheel machine what, nearly happened....I'm turning in to a right junction and the old boy turning out just goes.... even though I can see His missus saying stop........then he stops and waves me past him like I was heading the same way, I then gestured to him that I was turning right then he winds the window down and says.......sorry I didn't see you...I'm not from round here....surely you look wherever you are.....I do. I'm going out now to buy some sort of armoured vehicle....:gun:
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[QUOTE 3599009, member: 9609"]I occasionally see a woman driving with a big fat Labrador sitting on her lap with its head hanging out of the window. Can't really fault her driving, but it does look a bit odd - probably less dangerous than texting![/QUOTE]

I had Labrador's when I was a Gamekeeper but they never sat on my lap when I was driving........Sometimes though they used to sneak out of the kennels and end up in the house...,and on the bedroom floor...its good to have the pack around....sometimes....:whistle:


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[QUOTE 3599009, member: 9609"]I occasionally see a woman driving with a big fat Labrador sitting on her lap with its head hanging out of the window. Can't really fault her driving, but it does look a bit odd - probably less dangerous than texting![/QUOTE]

But it makes an awful mess when it hits the Dashboard at 60mph.


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I don't think a day goes by when I'm out on the trike/bike that I don't see a car/van /lorry driver do something stupid.
Mind you yesterday I was coming back from town and had to cross the ring-road from the cycle path so crossed at the lights and stopped a lorry who blew his horn at me, luckily I'd got my specs on so just before I stuck 2 fingers up I noticed it was Pete, one of my best friends, in his new shiny M&S lorry. :whistle:


Approaching a roundabout and I was about 15ft behind a car which was indicating right and as they went onto the roundabout and passed the first exit they stopped and started reversing back round to the first exit and went that way instead.


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@Tojo, my Labrador is from working stock, 5 solid generations of field trials champions in his lineage. A beautiful, intelligent animal.

(Sorry for going off topic there).

Driving back from the in laws the other day down the M45. Was in the monster truck trundling along at 60, which is quick in a vehicle which steers like a supertanker and handles like a 1 legged cat burying a turd on a frozen pond. Anyway, some twonk in an Audi (why is it always Audi drivers) didn't feel 60 was quick enough so overtook me, and a.few hundred yards ahead turned off at the Rugby/Dav junction. As I drove past the junction Herr Gruppenfuhrer 4x4 was reversing back up the slip road, and about 30 seconds later overtook me all over again. What an utter penile appendage.


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Driving at 30 mph as I always do when passing through a community and a chavved up economy hatch roars past me in a built-up area then 200 yards further on, signals right and stops in the road for oncoming traffic. I came up behind him, headlights flashing and gave the twat some pips on the horn. Yes, I was annoyed.

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Passed someone who had broken down on a slip road from a motorway onto a dual carriageway one night last year. He'd obviously been to get some petrol from the nearest station, as his tank had run dry, but as I passed I noticed a puddle of petrol forming under his car, so he'd somehow managed to get a leak in his tank. Not only was he smoking a fag while he was doing this, but when I stopped to let him know the petrol was leaking out, he said "oh, ok, hang on, let me just finish filling it up and I'll sort it out." Christ knows what happened next, but I was out of there and there were no signs of explosions when I passed the same spot the next day.
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