If you couldn't have clipless pedals...


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Toe clips with stiff soled shoes.


Once you get used to something it's very difficult to imagine cycling without them. I suppose going back to toe clips would be the simplest option.


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I certainly don't fancy the flats that MTB'ers use with the huge pins - it's painful enough getting whacked by a smoth edged SPD pedal, not one with big sharp pins on. Road it would be clips and straps like I used to use, although compatible shoes would need thinking about - e.g. touring shoes should do the job.

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I dont use anything. Just ordinary pedals and trainers. Then again, i'm not exactly speedy Gonzales :laugh:


I don't have clipless pedals. I use toe clips and straps, and find that my metal pedals are more than stiff enough to overcome any flex in my shoes ...


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Why can't you have them?
Having been recently diagnosed with arthritis in my midfoot, I'd struggle to ride if not clipped in, foot needs to be static for comfort
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