1. Saracenlad

    Advice re Clipless Pedals?

    Good morning all. Hope you all had a good Christmas? I have always ridden with toe clips and straps on all my bikes. My wife bought me new cycling shoes for Christmas. They are very nice and comfortable off the bike, they are however a more bulky shoe and I am worried that I may have problems...
  2. S

    clipless or flat pedals

    Hi All, I have recently changed to gravel tyres on my cube cross race pro. I have been doing a mixture of road, bridleway & canal path rides. should I switch to flat pedals from clipless? alternatively can anyone recommend any adaptors so I can stay clipless for road rides? many thanks 👍
  3. P

    Help finding my first clipless shoes?

    Got my first bike this winter and have been out about a dozen times. I'm slowly picking up items to go with the bike. My most recent purchase was pedals. I had been using the free set the shop put on when I bought the bike. I am learning the sport because of a knee replacement, so I don't...
  4. A

    How many times did you fall using clipless pedals?

    And what was the cause/situation? e.g. trouble clipping in or clipping out?
  5. A

    Adjusting tension in clipless pedals?

    How do I know how much to adjust the tension, how can I get it just right?
  6. rivers

    Shimano R7000 Clipless Pedals

    As I have upgraded to power meter pedals on my TT bike, I have listed my nearly new shimano R7000 pedals on ebay.
  7. A

    Clipless pedals and urban cycling?

    I do urban cycling where frequent stopping occurs and there are lots of lights so I wondered whether it would be a good idea to get clipless pedals or is it potentially dangerous?
  8. johnnyb47

    Thoughts on first ever clipless ride today

    Hi. Today was the big day in trying my new clipless peddles for the first time ever. After covering nearly 20 thousand miles on flat peddles over 4 years, a cycling friend finally persuaded me to go clipless. I've always been reluctant to trying them, from all the horror stories you read about...
  9. johnnyb47

    Going clipless

    Hi, This subject has probably done the rounds so many times on Cycle Chat but i thought I'd ask anyway. I've got some new cycling shoes that were given to me a few years back. They've got two holes to attach cleats to, and looking at them the cleats would be recessed from the grip of the shoe...
  10. Hopey

    Going on my first clipless ride tomorrow morning...

    ...And I'm a bit scared. That's all. Nah, I just spent a bit of time setting them up as best I could and practiced clipping in/out at home. Adjusted tension so it's low a possible. My biggest fear is having a clipless moment onto a stationary car in traffic, but I'll be out early morning on...
  11. Smokin Joe


    I've used clipless pedals since they came out and never had a problem, rode fixed extensively in my youth and took to it like a duck to water. However, never having used clipless on a fixed I've been practicing on the turbo and I am a bit worried about clipping in to a rotating pedal, at the...
  12. Denis99

    Clipless pedals and recumbents

    Still new to the world of recumbents, wish I had taken the step earlier. Have always used clipless pedals from their first introduction on road bikes. Later with the increase in mountain biking I more or less switched to using the more walkable friendly Time ATAC pedals. However, since riding...
  13. Spoons47

    Clipless for beginners

    Hello all. I know there is a FAQ thread about the above, but early onset Alzheimers prevents me from processing all the info. I know I only have a hybrid but id like to get semi serious with pedalling. I have budget of approx £100 for shoes and pedals, id like shoes that I can walk in and...
  14. P

    First ride on clipless......

    Had my first ride with clipless pedals today and happy to report all went well. However, occasionally my left knee would brush against the crossbar of my bike and on fewer occasions my right heel would brush against the rear frame. This never happened when I was using flat pedals. Would this be...
  15. Sharky

    Black Ice, Clipless vs Flats?

    I've been riding clipless pedals, almost since they were invented and before that clips & toe straps, almost 57 years, so the usual "Clipless Moment" has no worries for me. However, last January, took a spill on black ice that has shaken me up a bit. I was clipped in and went down with all the...
  16. DCBassman

    If you couldn't have clipless pedals...

    ...what would you use?
  17. D

    SPD platform adapters

    Has anyone used these adapters to convert their clipless pedals into platform pedals? I cycle to work in my lycra and SPDs and change into my work...
  18. Roadhump

    My first clipless moment - caused by faulty shoes / pedals?

    After fitting SPD-SL pedals to my road bike a few weeks ago, I fitted some SPD pedals to my hybrid yesterday. I have been fine with the SLs, but because they are difficult to walk in, I wanted to try SPDs and if I found them okay, I might have put them on my road bike too. After looking at...
  19. simon the viking

    Different kind of clipless moment...

    No.. I haven't had an on road clipless moment for a couple years (touches nearest wood....) however yesterday.... I bashed my knee, cheek, bike and pride..... Leaving work through the front doors (a shop) walking on a polished floor wheeling my bike wearing SPD-SL cleats... I've...
  20. Welsh wheels

    Struggling with clipless pedals rant

    Sorry but another clipless pedals thread. I have been on four rides so far with my new clipless pedals. I haven't fallen off yet, but I have had a few close calls. A vehicle was reversing into a drive and I only managed to unclip in time. A few other times I have failed to unclip the first time...
  21. Ride2017

    Clipless and shoes.

    Work colleague has after a weekend of practice decided to go clipless. He came in this morning using them but has gone home using normal shoes on a clipless pedal saying the commute is too busy. said I thought he'd damage the pedal.... is that the case?
  22. mick1836

    Maiden Ride with Clipless Pedals

    Well after buying a pair of road bike cycle shoes and SPD pedals several months ago I finally bit the bullet and went out on a ride to day using both. Still struggling to click in the pedal and Oh feeling like a transvestite ( I presume? ) in high heels when walking in a tiled floor cafe
  23. Darren Gregory

    Clipless pedals, odd question

    Hello all Just ordered myself a nice new bike but will obviously need new pedals. I went clipless a while back and despite two falls I intend to use SPD-M520's that I have been using on my current bike. My question, is there any issue in terms of cleat/pedal issue when using one set of...
  24. jahlive905

    Unclipping with your non dominant foot

    Whilst playing 5 a side a few weeks back, I was kindly given a sprain on my left ankle by an opposition player. This left me on opiate painkillers and crutches for a week and today was my first day back on the bike. My word was it agony to unclip with my normal left foot. Something to do with...
  25. mikeloveshisrockhopper

    Going Clipless

    Ok, so I have had my road bike (Giant Defy 1 2016 disc) for 7 months and it is now the single most important thing in my life (don't tell the missus though). I'll probably ride my MTB more in the winter but when I hit the road hard again in the spring, I am going clipless. As far as the shoes...
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