Is it an urban myth...


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I met this really cool guy, steel fixie, toe clips, trainers, long flowing hair, old tee shirt and torn PE shorts, but the darkside got him. Then you got:-

1. the streamlined short hair cut
2. the clipless pedals

what's next?

3. full on lycra
4. lightweight carbon
5. proper roadie attitude


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...that everybody has a clipless moment when they first start?

I got my clipless stuff yesterday, have been out, but kept having images about forgetting to unclip and falling sideways, gently, into the path of a ten ton truck!

You'll have one. Not at first, cause your thinking about it. One day, when clipping in and out is almost second nature, you'll be slowing, not stopping, anticipating the lights changing to green. A gorgeous blonde will catch your eye, just as the car in front stalls. You brake in a panic, not wanting to hit it. You stop. Timberrrrrrrrrrr.....


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The first clipless moment usually comes when you think you have got the hang of this clipping out lark, usually you are riding along and something unexpected happens, like you get a bit of chain suck changing down to climb a steep bit. While you are sorting out said chain suck you slowly but steadily roll to a halt, at which point you go to put your foot down as normal, then remember that you are still clipped-in, as you gracefully fall to one side. Stopping and junctions and such like is not a problem as you are thinking about stopping before doing so.


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I felt very uneasy at first, but didnt have a 'moment' until about a week later. I had several very close calls first.
Anticipation ALL the time was the answer for me...every time a approached anything that may involve stopping, i unclipped one foot early. It soon gets to the point where you dont think at all.


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I don't know anybody who has managed to avoid clipless moments altogether. It might take a while, but eventually you'll get caught out! I think that you need the shock of it happening to stop you getting complacent about it.

One tip - keep your release tension low so you can be fairly sure that you won't get your foot stuck.


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It will happen. I was a bit of a smarty pants about it, thought it happens to everyone else so it won't happen to me. 5 weeks later when I thought I had the hang of it I went down.

As ColinJ says, it may take a while but eventually you will go over - I don't know anyone who has avoided it altogether either. Savour the moment and have a laugh about it though because you will feel completely ridiculous having done it! I ended up sprawled over my own car bonnet when I got back in to the drive, in full view of laughing neighbours...


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2 years clipless, never had a 'moment'....... (yet)
I rode for about two years, never had a fall with them, but then I stopped using them anyway. Partly because for what I want a bike for clipless don't make sense, and partly because I read about a local bloke who had a clipless moment and two weeks later was dead from a clot on his brain.


Your rugby skills will help in the event of a fall won't they?

Good luck Ian! Let us know eh?

I had my first on Winnats Pass on the first day out in them, Look Keos and it's the first and last time I've fallen off going uphill. So far. Had to set off pointing down the hill to get going again.


and partly because I read about a local bloke who had a clipless moment and two weeks later was dead from a clot on his brain.
Are they connected or are you just making sure?

My gran knew someone who would swim across Morecambe Bay every year. He died too.


three years clear here too although the pedals are still loose and I've yanked them out with brute force at the last second quite a few times
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