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Nice :thumbsup:

Is it me or does the front brake pad need adjusting?

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That looks a fine decent bike!:thumbsup: I've had one(the old narrow tubing)for 14 years and it's served me well! If you cycled past me on your new machine i'd look twice because it's certainly eye catching! How much was it by the way?


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Looking forward to a riding review.... it looks great.

Have you any idea how bitter you are going to make the "Avoid halfords at any cost" brigade by posting what is simply an awesome looking value bike! Can you make sure you reassure them by telling them it leapt up in the night and set fire to your lounge or something?

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They are £999 but if you order online you save £70
I had a Carrera jeans jersey from the 1990s once. For some stupid reason i cut the arms off to make it into a vest type jersey for hot days.:scratch:It was the same styling as your new bike, they'd have looked well together!:thumbsup:


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There was a review of these somewhere & they came out very well. It's certainly a lovely looking bike - wishing you many happy miles together !
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