JOGLE Rickshaw Guinness world record

Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by jmassey, 23 Jan 2018.

  1. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah

    Barmy in Barming
    I would try to avoid Sustrans routes like the plague. They are bad enough for normal bikes let alone a Trike.
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  2. raleighnut

    raleighnut Guru

    On 3 Wheels
    2nd that, some of the 'barriers' are dreadful.
  3. OP

    jmassey Member

    Haha right ok, this is the reason I started this thread because im a complete novice at all this, jumped in at the deep end really but can’t wait for the adventure.

    Do any of you know if there are any threads for people who have done long distance rides on trikes or wide bikes? Iv had a quick look but can’t see any
  4. Salar

    Salar Senior Member

    If you need inspiration check out what the youngsters did on The Rickshaw Challenge for Children In Need on the One show.
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  5. Tigerbiten

    Tigerbiten Veteran

    How wide is your rickshaw ??
    If it's much over 800mm then it won't go through most anti-cycling barriers.

    How low are the gears and how are they setup ??
    If you've only 8 gears then I would plan to top out at around 75"and go down from there.
    This will let you hit around 20 mph down a slight hill but more importantly it will give you low gears to climb hills.
    Expect to hit short steep +15% in Devon and Cornwall.
    The hills in Scotland tend to be longer but not a steep.
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  6. OP

    jmassey Member

    Not sure on the width I would have to check, it’s definitely over 800mm though. I’ll be leaving the Sustrans routes then by the looks of it.

    Yeah I’ll have a look at the route the rickshaw challenge for children took. I think they had car behind them at all times slowing the traffic down.

    I’m just concerned on not routing properly and ending up on a mega busy A road traffic or something.

    Suppose I’ll have to just get it on the road and get a feel for it
  7. raleighnut

    raleighnut Guru

    On 3 Wheels
    I'd be tempted to stick something like this on the back,

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  8. OP

    jmassey Member

    Yeah I’ll have to get a few lights and a flag pole maybe.

    Iv got a reflective jacket and normal bike lights
  9. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Guru

    Good idea, and if it goes flat you could pinch a new one from the next roadworks you pass.
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  10. Are you taking passengers? I'd be prepared to sit in the back and shout encouragement. I only weigh 95kg so you wouldn't notice me.
  11. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Guru

    Audax - distance cycling - routes would be a good starting point because they are designed to take the rider a long way on safe-as-possible roads.

    Some of the Edinburgh to London section of London-Edinburgh-London would get you down the east side of the country.
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  12. OP

    jmassey Member

    Oh only 95kg, yeah why not hop aboard then, I think I’d needs more than words of encouragement, possibly a whip might help. Not in a kinky way haha.

    I’ll have a look at that Audax when I get in from work, thanks for all the advice by the way I do appreciate it. I haven’t used forums for a few years and thought they were a thing of the past, so I’m glad people actually are using them and responding :smile:
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  13. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Guru

    Lots more distance routes on the Audax website, but there is a danger you could drown in a sea of routing information.

    My approach would be to have an overall outline then use a road atlas as you go along.

    Presumably, looking at a map as you ride is easier on a rickshaw than it is on a bicycle.

    Some distance riders cut the pages out of the atlas to make more manageable sheets.
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  14. jay clock

    jay clock Massive member

    Hampshire UK
    Personally I am a big fan of using my Garmin with GPX to plan and follow routes. I am assuming the Guinness rules need at least a couple of Garmin traces anyway.

    I just did a quick and dirty route to see if I could zig zag the whole way and even this frankly bonkers route is short of 1600 miles. (route not focussed on cycle friendly routes)
  15. Milkfloat

    Milkfloat Veteran

    What's stopping you riding JOGLE and then riding back to civilization along a different route to get your 1600 miles?
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