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    I think the OP may be being unreasonably deterred from a UK route by some of the (very knowledgeable) rickshaw/tricycle experts above. There are some good routes which would not require any climbing more than (say) 7% and that only occasionally. For example from south Cambridgeshire to Glasgow via Spalding, Lincoln, Humber Bridge, York, Teesdale and Moffat. I have in mind the 100-630 section of LEL (more even than @Pale Rider has suggested - the climb up and over Yad Moss is long but I don't recall any steep bits.)
    Perhaps it's time for the OP to see what sort of climbs he can reasonably get up with the current gearing (as part of a long day's ride) and then construct a route avoiding English main A roads accordingly - happy to help with the latter btw (if UK).
    I would be tempted to look at a 'protection for passengers from the wind' arrangement (not a modification) :whistle: which might significantly reduce your drag.
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    You have 75 days: how will you get you and the rickshaw to JoG? And how will you get back from LE? (answer ride most of the way there and ride most of the way back - would nicely give you 1600+ miles.
    Well stop faffing around 'planning' and spend a bit of time riding. Share the location of a hill that you climb that you think would be OK during a day's ride. What about the road from Milton to Werrington (past Baddesley Edge)? The climb at the beginning is 100m in 1.6km with a max gradient of 8%.
    OK a week on, have you managed to 'pop down to the shed'? Seeing you've only just bought it, I'm a bit surprised you don't know what make/model it is?
    Readers of this thread, would, I suspect, really like to see a picture of your rickshaw. [Edit: larger than the one inch square image in your atavar - VMT @Pale Rider ]
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    Going back to the rules and regulations, I think this one may contain an important message which is being missed (my bolds):
    This seems to be talking about a "proper" journey, not just an accumulation of miles. The existing record holder rode south-easterly across much of Sumatra and part of Java, and it's easy to see how that qualifies. Riding up to JoG before coming back down to Land's End? I'd be doubtful. An extended JOGLE, zig-zagging across the country to make up the miles looks questionable too. Maybe Guinness have implied it would be OK, but they have been known to change their minds.

    Something like Paris - Moscow would fit the bill - which kind of emphasises just how big a project this really is.
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    Agreed, although that might be it in his avatar.
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