Just wondering about ladies???


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I was sat reading through some threads and I started to wonder how many ladies are on here? And what sort of cycling they take part in. I'm a total newbie to the world of cycling but after only a few weeks of owning a road bike I am totally hooked!! I'm not excluding any men but say hi ladies!!!:hello:
Plenty of ladees on this site, some deceivingly so! So be careful what you say and who you say it to! :smile:

And a belated welcome to CC.

Edited to say that I'm a fella! :thumbsup:


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Hi there! I'm another one! :-)
I ride for miles & miles just because I love it! I occasionally commute too.
I purchased a cyclocross bike early last year & its the best thing I've bought.....ever!
Enjoy your bike :smile:


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Hi Ebony, nice to meet you. I've been riding for almost a year, have a fairly old bike but my aim is to join a club. Don't know what sort of rider I will be. I do about. 100-120 miles a week now. Still building up my distance 75 max so far. Started on 8 miles after best part of 7 years in hospital. Love being out on my bike even on days like today: tired and strong wind against or across me most of the way. Aah well at least it was dry.
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