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  1. slowmotion

    slowmotion Quite dreadful

    lost somewhere
    I may be accused of "victim blaming", but in IMVVHO, there are some places that a cyclist does not want to be if they wish to extend their longevity. Anywhere near a large vehicle at a junction is one of them, I think. Personally, I'm not interested in "asserting my rights as an equally entitled road-user". Forget that vanity....stay alive.
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  2. subaqua

    subaqua What’s the point

    Ahh stereotypes . wonderful though they are, they just don't fit the majority of todays proffesional drivers. just as all cyclists are not lycra wearing red l;ight jumping pavement riders.

    when you have something constructive to say then feel free to join in .

    adding a section onto the test and the CPD , for cycle awareness would be a start. but you don't have to be degree level to pass that.

    Oh and 3 of the nuttiest hooligans i ever knew were degreee educated at a redbrick Uni. break your nose/legs as soon as look at you. but didn't look like hooligans.

    very true. rather be a few minutes late for work/whatever than early for my own funeral. and to be homnest sometimes the legs are glad of the extra few seconds ;)
  3. Kirstie Wielandt

    Kirstie Wielandt New Member

    Hi guys - You might be interested in this event called 'Are we finally looking at a cycling revolution in London?' as you'll get the chance to discuss London's new cycling plans with GLA ‘cycling czar’ Andrew Gilligan on Tuesday 4th June, early bird tickets £6:00. Come join the debate, we'd love to have you there: http://londoncyclingrevolution.eventbrite.co.uk/#

    XRHYSX A Big Bad Lorry Driver

    The only problem with this is I am not academically minded and would struggle to pass any tests set to this level, but I consider myself a considerate driver and do not lose my temper easily,
    plus I love my job and wouldn't want to do anything else smileys-car-driving-296195.gif
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  5. JackJoff

    JackJoff Regular

    I agree, there's a lot to be said for defensive cycling imo. http://cyclinginfo.co.uk/blog/245/commuting/7-tips-for-defensive-cycling/
  6. Tcr4x4

    Tcr4x4 Senior Member

    I cant stand football..

    Im a class 2 HGV driver

    Im not arrogant, ignorant or irresponsible.

    I dont have a degree, but I'd say Im pretty well educated. I took a theory and practical test for my car licence then another theory, hazard perception and practiical for my HGV licence. I also have ADR and CPC qualifications which I have to retake every 5 years. I'm more qualified to be on the road than most cyclists.

    Maybe it would be better to have a proper cycling test that highlights the dangers of large vehicles on the road.
    The amount of times I swing right to take a left turn and have some numpty comes up the left is unbelievable, this is both cyclists and cars.
    Some people just dont have a clue about whats going on around them.
  7. compo

    compo Veteran

    Perhaps it is a different world out here in the sticks but I find nearly all HGV drivers courteous and considerate wether I am driving or cycling. There are odd exceptions, but they are few and far between.
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  8. crazyjoe101

    crazyjoe101 New Member

    I'm not sure if I'm talking nonsense here as I've not started studying for and have not sat a driving theory test. Perhaps if it was garunteed that there would be a significant section in the exam pertaining to cyclists then drivers might be more aware of them, at least partially, upon completing the test as they would have read up on the cycling portion of the test in the knowledge that it was definitely going to be included in the test. Like I said, could be talking rubbish.
  9. glasgowcyclist

    glasgowcyclist Charming but somewhat feckless

    I disagree.

    The level of risk your class of vehicle represents to other road users means that you are subject to more controls on your use of the road.

    The absence of a requirement to pass a test on a cycle is indicative of the level of risk a cyclist poses to others.

  10. MarkF

    MarkF Legendary Member

    I see cyclists willingly putting themselves in danger every evening rush hour, these are (IMO) mainly commuter types rather than cycling enthusiasts, they are never going to see or seek out safety information on a cycling forum or in a magazine, or perhaps, anywhere. Maybe a simple flyer should go out with every bike and helmet sold, clearly detailing the dangers of junctions/lorries.

    PS I like railings, very convenient for holding on to. :smile:
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  11. XRHYSX

    XRHYSX A Big Bad Lorry Driver

    Was driving through LDN last nite and the amount of "commuter types" without lights and in dark cothing was shocking, all vehicles made after 2010 have to have driving lights now, this has been the norm for motorcycles since 2003, I think all push bikes used on the road should have lights on IMHO
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  12. PK99

    PK99 Guru

    If you are close enough to the railings to hold on, you are too close.
  13. MarkF

    MarkF Legendary Member

    Not always, sometimes I deem it appropriate and safe for me to make use of them.
  14. classic33

    classic33 Legendary Member

    There's only one real problem with that. If we can't get drivers to actually see the lights when its dark, how are we going to get them to notice them during the day?
    Nenagh, County Tipperary ran a trial a few years ago now, where all vehicles had to have daylight running lights on. Very few vehicles seen with them now though.
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  15. XRHYSX

    XRHYSX A Big Bad Lorry Driver

    Thing is Im one of these rare drivers that understands that we all need to use the road space, and we all want to get somewhere (alive),
    it seems construction lorries/vehicles are the bullies of the road, even I have had problems with tipper lorries,
    had a stand off with one on a narrow street once, obstucion was on his side and and I had started to come through, started getting verbal, I just told him I was getting paid by the hour and I will sit here all day if I have to, he soon moved :laugh:
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