Lets see some ride figures for 2018

I'm going to end 2018 on around 2500 to 2600 miles... Not bad as had a month out due to illness (again..... same happened in 2017) but 500 miles in September for cancer research upped me a bit.... and a longest ever ride of 56 miles in July helped me to my best year since 2013

so lets see some crazy figures folks....

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According to Veloviewer, I am in Kota Bharu, Malaysia, roughly some 10500km away. Oh how I wish I was. I love Malaysian food.

(Going to miss my target of 12000km)


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I wanted to get to 10,000 kms but a change of job location in August put a stop to that,I'm at around 4950 miles for the year and will probably try to get to the 5000,I'd say I've done around 300miles in the last 3 months whereas before that I was doing 300 miles a week.There is a 2mile stretch of road to get to the new job that is a 40mph road,It is unlit and just about wide enough for 2 cars,I've had traffic zoom past at 60 to 70 mph where I could probably reach out and touch them.Not for me.Pretty disappointed overall but hopefully change location again in April.

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Not as much as it would have been if some twonk driver hadn't wiped me out back in February and put me off the bike for around 4 months!

It's a shame because I had had a really good winter up until that point and was feeling fitter than I had done for the last couple of seasons. Still not right physically or fitness wise, but considering the injuries I had just being able to still ride a bike is a bonus so will be happy what ever the total turns out to be....
Not very much, I am finally beginning to accept that I will never be any where near as fit as I once was due to physical/medical problems, instead of pushing myself and paying the price later I now accept that I will ride when I am able and not let it get to me when I cant ride , there ive said it ......I finally admit it to myself...…….even though I don't like it.
I love seeing these massive numbers.. I'm hoping for 3500 miles next year... And hoping nothing health wise gets in my way
Go for it :bicycle:
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