Linkglide promises 3x longer life cassette.

where's the doubtful emoji?
It's only for 1x systems it seems and is incompatible with older deore/xt stuff.
Sod that.
So first they try to charge folks more for lighter stuff?
Then for 1x?
Then when folks get a bit suspicious/want another badge to wear they charge more for something that lasts longer than the lighter price-boosted compromised stuff they've already flogged you?
I'll be sticking to my tough simple cassettes for triples thanks.
i also see that it says that the 11, 13 and 15T cogs can be individually replaced.
But wonder aloud how much they might be charging for these.
By the by, after some good advice from some esteemed person more techy than me I tend to back away from using the 11T rear cog unless I really really need it - to catch a group or a train. I just spin a bit higher instead.
Better solution than this I think unless for very specialist applications is to use a 9 speed triple with a 12-36 cassette.
I could get them for not much over a tenner pre brexit.
calling @SkipdiverJohn on the cassette issue, but not the brexit one :smile:


Looks good. I would be tempted if it wasn't too much more than the cassette I have just ordered for my single speed. The latter cost almost £15 for a 16t Dicta freewheel.


i also see that it says that the 11, 13 and 15T cogs can be individually replaced.
On my six-speeders it's the 24T, 21T, 18T, and 16T that get all the use. I rarely use either the 28T or the smallest 14T. mostly using a 48T front, sometimes the 38T.
I wouldn't wear out the smaller sprockets before the middle ones, which can't be individually replaced. In utility cycling, much time is spent in the lower and middle gears. I'm not doing mile after mile of fast riding using a small rear sprocket gear. No-one lugging a touring load around is going to be doing it either.
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You can of course already buy 11T cogs separately for many more humble shimano cassettes. But the pricing doesn't really make it a goer.

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I share @Blue Hills 'doubtful' emoji.
Linkglide is not cross compatible
"If you want the benefit of these rugged new Shimano cassettes, you’ll have to invest in the new Deore 1×10 or XT 1×11 systems. Although the cassette is compatible with a standard HG freehub, it needs the new Linkglide Deore XT and Deore derailleurs, which feature Shimano’s Shadow RD+ low profile design and clutch mechanism for retaining chain tension."
And there's stuff about the pitch being different but then says a normal 11sp chain will be OK.
"there is one small catch - the Linkglide technology, while introduced in Deore 1x10 or XT 1x11 speed as a highly durable option, is not cross compatible or retrofittable with current drivetrains due to different gear pitches."
What's a "gear pitch"? Are they saying the pitch between sprockets is not the same across the cassette? Like the Campagnolo 11sp ones?
Well done trying to market a stronger more durable cassette (for e-bikes?) Low marks for creating non-compatibility and for not explaining the rationale for that.
The 11-50 cassette will be a snip at £100 (sorry @Sharky ) and in-house testing 'suggests' it will last 3 times longer - so 9 chains?).
"There will be two Linkglide cassettes available; a 11-42T Deore cassette ($114 AUD) and a 11-50T Deore XT cassette ($179 AUD). Being designed for e-MTB use . . . "
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