Living on the margins of human existence.....................

The weekend is over and the living is no longer easy. No Wonga midweek "top up" until Wednesday, and the last can of Stella is long gone. A few scraps of pork left from yesterday. What about the bottom of the fridge? Some green and red peppers, and a bit of ginger root with an interesting blue mould which can almost certainly be cut off. And here's a bit of calabreese Looks like stir fry then. Onion and garlic are readily to hand, as are a few chillis and soy sauce (special offer at the Co-Op). We might survive the night after all.


Well, we're off out for a curry, and my brother is paying.

Good luck with your pityful scraps Patrick.


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I don't fit in - it's all accounts of having swan stuffed with wigeon and moaning how the school/college was stingy and limited them to three bottles of Chateau Pichon-Longueville Comptesse de Lalande per meal, before they went off to a "Make poverty history" rally.

Someone has pee'd in that wine.
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