Loopybike quick £100 Carlton build

Discussion in 'Vintage and Classic Bikes' started by loopybike, 21 Feb 2018.

  1. biggs682

    biggs682 Smile a mile bike provider

    Like the set you are making for this one although i would like a longer front one
  2. OP

    loopybike Über Member

    Ah got you! :smile:
    I'll send you a pm
  3. wonderdog

    wonderdog Well-Known Member

    If the customer doesn't collect soon, you'd prob be wanting to move it on then???? Wishful thinking. Does that have the Coventry Climax engine? Back in the 70s, I passed up a Cooper MG in Brisbane - $300 because it was missing the original Marshall supercharger (which I had). Let's not go too far into things one should have bought - or never have sold.
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  4. OP

    loopybike Über Member

    Yes it has the Coventry Climax. When it came in it had hit the barrier side on at 100 mph. It was in a bit of a state!
    Yeah, best not to dwell on the what ifs!
  5. I've got a polished one of those in my tool box called a spoon .
  6. OP

    loopybike Über Member

    Spoon, flipper, slapper. All the same. Our apprentice recently bought a set of Snap on ones. He paid an eyewatering amount for them. He still borrows my old slappers made from car leaf springs as the Snap on ones are just rubbish!
    I made two. Each one took me around an hour to shape properly. It's all about the cross curvature, weight and balance.
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  7. Here is my Shiny Spoon, I've had it since the 70's, it is the shiniest of my tools and used to be covered in wax crayon. Used in a glancing fashion to remove large dents.
    I've admired your work from a laptop . IMGP6992.JPG
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  8. OP

    loopybike Über Member

    That also looks like a home made one. Plenty of love and care gone into that :smile: I like it !
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  9. Yes ! I didn't make it but I have looked after it over the years.
    Along with a pull/ sucker and the Shiny Spoon a lot of large dents became no more.
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  10. scarygerbil

    scarygerbil Senior Member

    @loopybike ,@biggs682 wouldnt be the only one interested I would be aswell
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  11. OP

    loopybike Über Member

    Back to the plot.. ..

    The rear light I've bought is actually ment to be fitted to the lower part of the rear mudgaurd. My rear mudgaurd is too short to fit the light to so im going to fix it under the seat.
    It's also ment to be used with a dynamo but I don't want to use one of those. So I'll make a battery holder and switch inside the seat.
    First I need to make a bracket to mount it to the seat post.
    I cut a section off some stainless tube and made a slot

    Then I welded two tabs on

    Then drilled for a pinch bolt and rounded the tabs
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  12. OP

    loopybike Über Member

    This gives me a mounting point for the actual bracket. This is also made from a section of stainless tube, larger diameter this time
    I'll be finishing this in the morning as I got a bit side tracked tonight with the battery mounting!
    I cut out a card template then transferred it to a piece of aluminium. Using various blunt instruments and a sandbag I persuaded it into shape :smile:

    Then I mounted the battery holder and switch I bought from Maplin

    I'm hoping to finish the fabrication in the morning.
  13. midlife

    midlife Veteran

    Seat clip is back on front :smile:

  14. Drago

    Drago Guru

    That's a classic WTB saddle, worth at least £600 undamaged! ;)
  15. OP

    loopybike Über Member

    Really? Ha ha I hope you're joking!
    If not , do you want to buy it? £550 And it will come with a free Carlton! :smile:
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