Lycra or Normal clothes.


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A couple of years ago i started cycling again after I had refurbished my Carlton. I bought lycra/padded shorts as I had fitted a modern saddle, a lycra top and a light weight jacket.
Every time I wanted to go out I would put my gear on. Well now I have decided to change the saddle back and just wear normal shorts, jeans or trousers. Looking back at my photos may have swayed this a little, but just to get my bike out and go for a ride is great.
Im not riding for speed or great distance just riding for fun.

Do many others ride in normal clothes ?

Smokin Joe

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Cycling clothes are normal clothes. The rest is just what you get into between rides.

jack smith

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Only when popping to the shops or if im going on a short spin somewhere to stay ill usually still put ky shorts on but wear a hoodie or something over the top, just realised your in shildon btw so hello!


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Depends how far I'm going and how much effort I'm planning on putting in. For anything where I'm likely to generate a bit of sweat and/or need a bit of padding, the lycra goes on.

jonny jeez

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I tend not to look at is as cycle clothing but sports clothing. If my ride is intended to take me on a tour, without fuss, strava segments or sweat, I would happily wear day to day clothes and would most likely ditch the helmet too.

However, most my riding is undertaken as a sport and as such I wear sportswear designed to wick. Flex, cater for and compliment the activity.

So it's not the method of transport that is the deciding factor but the purpose.
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