Matt black bikes

What do you guys use to make them look lovely?

I`ve tried everything from GT85 to car polish to Mr Sheen, and nothing seems to work very well.

Any tips? I`m stumped!


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Clear gloss lacquer.


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If it’s Matt it needs to stay Matt. Car polish, Mr Sheen or GT85 will often give your frame a patchy uneven sheen. The best thing I’ve used is actually Mr Muscle glass cleaner sprayed onto a micro fibre cloth. Gets rid of dirt and greasy marks then quickly evaporates away leaving your Matt finish perfectly Matt


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Matt does seem to be in vogue in recent years...... Its another fad that have been created by manufacturers, but not by customers.
I've even been duped into it myself, by one of my road bikes and one of my previous motorcycles. But at least you dont have to polish it, just a damp cloth to wipe it over and its back to its lackluster glory.
Sorry I posted. I give up......................
My matt black frame has turned shiny (not quite glossy) on the sides of the top tube where my legs/tights have brushed against it occasjonally over the years.
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