New bike arrived today!

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Collected today:


Jock the cat was interested until the bubble wrap was taken off:


And built up:


I still have to make adjustments to set-up and give it a test ride, but it's raining and it ain't going out in the rain!
Nice one Noodley :-)


Seatpost needs cut a wee bit :becool: and it's the largest frame available!

I'm delighted with it. And fantastic service by all terrain cycles all the way through the order/delivery process and a great deal on 0% finance :rolleyes:

I had heard a few 'they are slow' stories about all terrain cycles but I cannot fault them at all, 100% satified with them - they told me the bike might take about 5-6 weeks to arrive (as I said it's big and I am used to bike shops not stocking large sizes) and I was okay with that, and it arrived 3 weeks after the order was made, 2 weeks after finance was agreed...lots of contact by phone and e-mail from the sales guys and the courier delivery company were great as well, and unloaded the bike from the lorry for me to collect.

I suppose I'd better try to do it justice and train a bit and make it go fast :thumbsup:

A fantastic package IMO. Carbon frame, 105 groupset and Mavic Cosmic Elite wheels :laugh: And in my club colours :ohmy:

Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
Kirton, Devon.
Looks like a normal bike that's been rear-ended ;)

Very Nice Noodley, very nice indeed!

(where's the 'jealous' smiley when you need it).
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