Nokia N82 + Sports +Cracknell - opinions please

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  1. natalieC

    natalieC New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I am from the team that has worked with Nokia and developed a site to track James Cracknell’s Sports Relief Challenge from Dover to Morocco.

    James has been using the N82 GPS function linked up to an application called ‘Sports Tracker’ that has been sending us a signal showing exactly where he has been going on his bike through France and Spain. For the last six days, James’ supporters have been able to follow his progress via

    This function can be used on Nokia N series and is particularly useful to cyclists, walkers, runners etc to allow them to track their routes and collect their stats – i.e. distance run, time taken etc. The stats can also be uploaded and compared on

    Check out James’ site at to see exactly how the function works.

    If anyone has any feedback or suggestions on both the site and the sport tracker application, I’d really appreciate it.


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