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So Sunday I had a message on skyride from a fellow cyclist asking if I fancied joining up for a ride out. I finished work at 11am pedalled home and got something to eat and was eager to get out (slightly nervous too). 12:30 hit got the message it was still on and meet time was 1ish and set off.

I had no idea what/who to expect lol , The lady led and we went out at a nice steady pace, went via some cycle paths that I had no idea was there and headed up to Combe Abbey and back. Ended up doing 17miles and bloomin hell I was/am well pleased and very eager to do more. Add the 10mile (all together) commute too and I did 27miles.

So anyone thinking they cant cycle is wrong :smile: Im a very fat/heavy guy and I managed far more than I expected. I just got to make it a regular thing now.


"You're better than you think you are... You can do more than you think you can."

Well done :smile: :thumbsup:

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Excellent! :bravo:

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Started at 3 miles,in the middle was a hill which resembled a mountain to me then. Now I don't even downshift. I saw that first ride as an epic achievement. Now,it's just a short jaunt. I mainly ride it as part of a longer ride,or to go and vote.
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