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Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by briantrumpet, 8 May 2016.

  1. briantrumpet

    briantrumpet Guru

    Devon & Die
    Having posted a couple of photos of nice cafés this week in the photo of the day thread, I thought it might be nice to have a dedicated thread, as we all like a nice coffee and cake. Any time of the year will do.

    Today's offering from me is a new one for me, in Bishops Lydeard, near Taunton. The new owners took over just a couple of weeks ago, and have decided to open on Sundays too for the summer. Very good coffee (as measured by my espresso tasting), and a very large slice of delicious lemon Bakewell tart, all for £4. Sorry, no photo of the cake, so you'll have to make do with one of the café, which is right by the impressive church. They haven't got outside seating, but there is plenty of space and a bench just in the churchyard by the café, and they serve the coffee and cake in/on nice china. Very civilised. The inside seating looked nice, but today was just too nice to be inside.

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  2. 13 rider

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    Dove Cottage at Harby Leicester my favourite stop . Charity ran by volunteers service at bit hit and miss but homemade cakes are delicious . Always loads of cyclist well used by local clubs .plenty of bike racks .your more than welcome
  3. cyberknight

    cyberknight Wibble

    Land of confusion
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  4. cyberknight

    cyberknight Wibble

    Land of confusion
    Birches valley forestry centre Rugely
  5. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

  6. Sharky

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  7. Sadly, the best value café in the county has now been demolished ('Dunnies' at Otley)

    However, a bit closer to home (for me) are these two;

    1. 'Squires' is essentially a bikers café, but I always find space, & generally have a chat with someone or another
    Not far off the 'old' A1, or the A162 'Tadcaster Turn-Pike'

    It can get VERY busy on sunny weekends, & Bank Holidays, then again, I've been on a mid-winters weekday & been the only 2-wheeler in the parking area

    Rides. Squires 2. 2.jpg Rides. Squires 2. 3.jpg

    2. 'Birkin Fisheries Cafe'
    There's not really a website for this one, just recommendations, & a FaceBook page
    Like 'Squires', it's not far off the 'old' A1, or the 'Tadcaster Turn-Pike' & was practically passed during Saturdays stage (2nd) of the Tour de Yorkshire

    If you look at the little map under the picture, the café is along the road leading east (the pond can be seen)
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  8. mjr

    mjr Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next

    Most cafes in West Norfolk are cyclist friendly. Pubs too. A few cafes like Wells beach distinguish themselves by having their own cycle parks but most pubs with beer gardens will let bikes into them.
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  9. Jimidh

    Jimidh Über Member


    The Whistle Cafe in Innerleithen is a great wee cafe for anyone riding in the Tweed Valley.

    Great cakes, especially their Carrot Cake, good coffee, warm fire in the winter snd they supply bike locks so you can secure your bike outside the cafe.
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  10. OP

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    Devon & Die
    What a great idea to offer locks!

    Perhaps I should have titled the thread "Café photo of the day"... or "Cake photo of the day"... some nice ones so far, but more cakes would be good. More cakes are always good.
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  11. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    Country Kitchen cafe in Waddington in the Ribble Valley do that. They have a box of locks just inside the front door.

    The keys for the locks are attached to old disk brake rotors which is a good way of stopping you losing the keys AND of preventing you accidentally riding off with them!
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  12. Found these in my photo-files
    The menu (sorry, no date)
    Miscellania. Dunnies. Menu.jpg

    West Yorkshire Scenes. Otley. Wharfe View Cafe 1.JPG

    West Yorkshire Scenes. Otley. Wharfe View Cafe 2..JPG

    Must've been 'early doors', or winter-time, as that's my old Discovery, in a sparsely used car-park
    West Yorkshire Scenes. Otley. Wharfe View Cafe. 3.JPG
  13. Forgot this one:blush:

    The 'Oil Can Cafe'

    As you can see from the gallery, there's some great cake, & lots of little shops to look at
    Plus, with them sharing premises with a classic-car restorer, there's generally something interesting there (& bikes hanging from rafters)

    It was the first time I'd ever seen a Bristol Fighter (a '200 MPH' hand-built, 8-litre V10, powered supercar)
    Few photos from my last visit (took daughter, after I'd made her walk round the 'Trunce' course)

    P8271032.JPG P8271036.JPG P8271037.JPG
    P8271041.JPG P8271042.JPG P8271043.JPG P8271044.JPG P8271047.JPG

    Should have mentioned, the cakes are fabulous

    I'll recommend the Chocolate Orange, & Chocolate Mint......:hungry::hungry:
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  14. Dave 123

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    Maglia Rosso- Hawstead, Suffolk.
    A great, friendly cafe, well stocked bike shop, mechanic services, cyclocross course and grass to stretch out on.
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  15. A brilliant place, have been there a few times.
    Also good for evening dance lessons and live music.
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