1. Zipp2001

    Time for The Cake Eater Studded Tires

    Now this was a great way to end a four-day holiday weekend. Put the Terrene Cake Eater Studded Tires on the bike the day before, because of all the freezing rain we've had. Went out to a trail network that I visited for the first time a little over a month ago. Did plenty of climbing and just...
  2. tom73

    Show us your Christmas Cake

    Only home made ones allowed please. Always love making mine so many memories helping my mum make them. Love eating it too that and the other 2 loaves :laugh: The last few years I've been using my grandmother's recipe which until I found it must have been well over 30 years since it was last...
  3. Ganymede

    Cyclists in Kent, please help me with village shop and cafe feedback

    I haven't posted for a long time, partly because I've not been able to cycle through injury. However, I am back in the saddle, but also saddled with an interesting task - our village shop closed rather suddenly, and we are researching the idea of a community shop and cafe to replace it. We are...
  4. threebikesmcginty

    Welsh Ban on Yorkshire Parkin Cake

    This is the M4 between Cardiff and Swansea, spotted this painted on the road, I didn't know they felt quite this strongly about parkin but there's the proof.
  5. roadrash

    How good is this cake

    my daughters partner makes birthday cakes and she has just turned up at our house with my birthday cake ... how good is this.......
  6. PeteXXX

    Friday night music is: Cake

    (Early) Friday night music is: Cake Frank Zappa ~ Muffin Man :tongue:
  7. cyberknight

    Help with cake stops

    Velo moira are planning a rie to the cat and fiddle climb soon but i have no idea about cake stops on route from Moira / Rosliston Derbyshire to Macceslfield. Fairly new people so we would need maybe 2 stops + one in ashbourne. This is my route do far ....
  8. steveindenmark

    Cake involved - Cornwall

    Not a lot to do with bikes but would be a nice ride out for free coffee and the most wonderful cake. This is a pleas from my friend Sarah who lives near Fowey in Cornwall at the most fantastic BNB and cafe. Is there a really lovely, clever computer person out there who would be willing to come...
  9. currystomper

    Lighting the load: the correct change

    Hi I'm going on an Audax next week and we have been asked to bring some change so that the nominated stop doesn't run out of change when we all rock up with notes. Do my question what is the lightest combination of coins that will allow the exact amount to be paid no matter what the bill is...
  10. biggs682

    Office Cake Culture

    just been listening to some of Jeremy Vines lunchtime show and the bit about food being bought in to the office place . We do it in our office mainly economy packs of biscuits and its not uncommon for at least 2 packs to be eaten in a day and there are only 11 of us in our office space
  11. frank9755

    England : Buckinghamshire Westerley Winter Warmer, Sunday 15 Jan 2017

    The 2017 Westerley Winter Warmer is on Sunday 15 January. It starts just outside the M25 at Chalfont St Peter and heads out into the Chilterns. As last year there are three versions. The long version is 108km (1200m of climbing), there is a medium route of 60km and a shorter version of around...
  12. Sharky

    dont do cake stops

    But coffee and cheese scone at Ightham Mote is another thing ...
  13. Joey Shabadoo


    mods delete please - thread duplication
  14. Biff600

    How important is cake ?

    I've only had my treader for 10 days now and loving it (166 miles so far) But I'm getting perplexed with all the chat about cake ! Is there a formula for the amount of cake to be eaten ? i.e. 1 litre of liquid = 2 slices of cake ? Is it necessary to like cake to be a successful cyclist ? I...
  15. Globalti

    Here's a new menu suggestion for your local cafe:

    Meet the Cruffin; it's a croissant baked in a muffin tin and stuffed with a raspberry and some raspberry jam. Gloriously calorific. I ate this in CapeTown, home of several other interesting hybrid dishes including the Bunny Chow, which originated from Durban I think:
  16. U

    Cake is dangerous!

    ...or at least in the Office environment From the BBC
  17. briantrumpet

    Photo of the day: cyclist-friendly cafés

    Having posted a couple of photos of nice cafés this week in the photo of the day thread, I thought it might be nice to have a dedicated thread, as we all like a nice coffee and cake. Any time of the year will do. Today's offering from me is a new one for me, in Bishops Lydeard, near Taunton...
  18. gbs

    Diabetes and cake stops etc

    Recently I was diagonosed as diabetic, albeit marginally so. Not a classic type 2 in that my BMI has always been around 23/24, I exercise a lot and generally eschew sugary foods. I am making good progress according to blood sugar tests by cutting done on wine, honey, chocolate and fruit juice...
  19. ShannonBall

    England : London The Italian Job - 100km from Finsbury Park to Little Chalfont

    On 12 June 2016, Islington Cycling Club will stage a 107km (67 miles) audax ride that starts and finishes in Finsbury Park. This ride is called The Italian Job, and it will have an Italian theme: café, food, style. The cost event £6 to £9 to enter. This is on the morning of the Finsbury Park...
  20. ShannonBall

    England : London The Great Escape - 200km from LMNH! Old St to Essex

    The 2016 edition of The Great Escape audax will be on Sunday 15 May. This is a 200km ride that starts and finishes at Look Mum No Hands! and takes in lots of lovely lanes and villages in Essex, including the Knead Cafe at The Blue Egg in Bardfield. It costs £7-£10 to enter and you even get...
  21. IDMark2


    Twelve slices of cake facts on GBBO Finals Day :hungry:
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