Plans for the weekend?


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East London
Sat am Rowing.
Sat pm Going to see the Polysics ;)
Sun recovering from the Polysics.


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South Manchester
Out on the bike cos I have a week off..... looking forward to giving the road bikes some stick after riding all week on the MTB to work.

Playing with my new phone Sony K770i - went for it as it's really compact - my current PDA phone thing is far too big to take out on the bike and the camera in it is rubbish.

Replacing my top cartridge bearing in the MTB's headset - knackered. Found some Look Carbo Pro pedals on ebay (top of the range Looks) for my training road bike - will replace the PP196 Teams (one down from Carbo Pro) - and they are red - will match my tyres and the 'red' flashes on the paint scheme....the Teams are silver and blue...which clash (plus they've got a bit tatty having been crashed in the past)..

All my bits are sat at the post office....


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gbb said:
Off to Malta on saturday...;)

Whereabouts? We're going in November, to some spa hotel that's been advertising in the weekend papers for a few weeks. Hope they have bikes to borrow, otherwise I'll have to lounge around drinking all week, and where's the fun in that?:smile:

Checking out a route to St Albans tomorrow, and starting to build the carbon uberbike this evening.:biggrin:

Chris James

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Trimming the hedge (exciting stuff hey) and the goingh for a spin. It'll have to be another shortish loop though as my pregnant wife is due on Thursday so I need to get back quickly if she goes into labour!

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Going back to Vietnam for a long weekend because the sea food is so good.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Bromley, Kent
Back to Hillingdon Tomorrow. the weather looks good, I get to use my new shoes, and got my new club jersey too. all looking good. keep you updated in 'racing'


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Salford, UK
Dunno tomorrow, but on Sunday off to my Mum's for a couple of days - my sister and nephew are staying there while they have some building done on their house.

Will hopefully have finished knitting the ickle tank top by then...


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Tonight (owt after work finishes counts as weekend for me!) aikido before meeting up with my dearly beloved who by then will probably be in a state of advanced refreshment as (one of) her mate's visiting this weekend.
Saturday, pick up dilapidated van (of which more later...), meet up with mate (who's been abandoned by wedding-dress-shopping soon-to-be missus) and play some pool, get an early night.
Sunday, get up at 0600hrs (what's the 0 for?) and stow 3 bikes and 2 mates into it for chug down the M1 to Leicester for "Rutland and Beyond" audax.

Blimey, reading all that back might suggest I've got some sort of social life...

ps: Simon - I hope the blues get stuffed!


Saturday, either a nice long ride or some walking in the Peak District depending what time we get up.
Sunday, gliding
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