Police cut-backs


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I wish the police would spend more time on bikes, around the times I commute and on the route I take. I'd love to hear what they think about some of the motorists I encounter on my commute from my perspective. :smile:

I used to see PCSOs going round on bikes but haven't seen one in a while. They had nice, more modern MTBs.


The police cycle round town all day down here on their smart mtbs keeping a eye on the local drinking community in the seafront shelters
It's a current Airwave radio and the badge under his name tag is a UK Cop Humour "Thin Blue Line" badge, in the press recently when Sussex Police initially banned them before that decision was overturned.

It's definitely a current picture, just a very old bike!

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Land of Lincoln
Most police around me seem to ride these.
But there are other choices
We have a lot around here, both Police and PCSOs

My favourite was the PC in Portchester who is a traithlete.

Spotted an unsteady driver and chased him through Portchester before eventually stoppinghim

He was riding a normal hybrid donated by a local bike shop!


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I see the PC in the pic has his CO2 dispenser sensibly fixed to his left shoulder, ready for that puncture.
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