Post major accident

Back in August on the way back from holiday we were hit by another car in a head on collision with a combined speed estimated at over 100mph, hence why I/we haven't been active on the forum recently. We lost our car, caravan and 3 of the 4 bikes we were carrying, physically we got off lightly although nearly 7 weeks on and I still haven't been able to ride yet, hopefully soon.
This is in the way of a big thank you to all those who sent kind messages through another of our friends on the forum. As an added incentive to get riding again one or the other of us plans to to a slow [if it's me it will have to be :blush:] ride in early November which I will post up within the next few days under the Rutland banner. Thanks again, there are some good people on here.


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Ouch, never knew about that. Hope you are both OK. Sounds horrible.
If you had seen our car you would understand how lucky we were, the police and the recovery people said it was the car that saved our lives - a bmw.


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Nice to see you back on CC, tf - I was just wondering the other day how you and dr_pink were progressing.

I hope the slow Rutland ride can go ahead and that you enjoy it, and that you and dr_pink's recoveries continue apace.

All being well, I'll join you for a quicker Rutland ride next summer! :thumbsup:
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