Rapha Festive 500. Anyone doing it?

Heltor Chasca

Out-riding the Black Dog

In a nutshell: 500km within an 8 day period between 24 December and 31 December 2018.

I plan to do a 107km route on Boxing Day and a 205km on the 30th and a 206km on the 31st. 3 different, lovely routes from my doorstep. Restricted to those 3 days due to Christmas timetable issues.

Is anyone from here doing it and how, what, where when etc?

Audax Club Bristol are running an event on 29 December to complete all 500km in one ride!

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I'm in did it last year . Plan to be out everyday yes including xmas day for an hour Im allowed .Bigger ride plan on the 27th with fellow CCers to crack a chunk off


I've done it before and signed up for it again but I dunno if I'll finish it this year.
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