Ribble 7005 Sportive vs Planet X RT-58


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PX as it comes with SRAM. Preferred over Shimano and Rival a step up from Tiagra

Blue not black though of course


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I found the Wibble frame flexed visibly at the BB when pouring on the power, so that was crossed off my shortlist (I am heavier and more powerful - for short bursts - than average).

So of the two I would test ride the Planet X, and if that didn't tickle my fancy I'd look elsewhere.


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The Ribble rides well, i built this one for my other half, i did London to Cambridge on it with my granddaughter, I rode back without her on the back with a few mates, it rides really well. Never been a lover of planet x.


px and even tho this pic will damage miss @vickster its great in this colour.
go for the pro carbon frame,light stiff and looks mmm

i got the frame for £180 with fork.
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Thanks for the replies. To answer a few points...

- settled on these two as they're in budget and offer a higher-end groupset than others at the same price
- Neither are very local but Planet X closer for test ride
- Don't want 2nd hand carbon as I've heard damage can be hard to see and don't want an expensive failure but could be wrong on this.
- Biggs is even further away

New point: Opinion seems to be split between the two. I'm leaning towards Planet X as:
- closer for test ride
- It's on the proper side of the Pennines
- 11-32 cassette standard

Main drawback with Planet X is they seem a bit more "Sports Direct" than Ribble which seem more "proper bikes" but think that might be just the accessories part of the website that lets it down?


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I can't comment on Ribble, but I've owned an RT-58 (carbon) for a couple of years and covered over 4000 miles on it. Very comfy ride with quite relaxed geometry, and so far I've had no issues with build quality. Mine came with Shimano Ultegra and the only change I've made was to swap the rear mech to a long cage so I could fit an 11-32 cassette, a recent change due to a planned hilly ride coming up.
Not experienced any issues dealing with Planet-X, but agree their website isn't the best.
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