1. C R

    England : Worcestershire Tour of Worcester Sportive

    The Tour of Worcester Sportive is on again this year, with slightly tweaked routes and a change of start/finish to Perdiswell Leisure Centre, to avoid a repeat of the 2019 flooding disruption. Website here: I'll be doing...
  2. gavroche

    Cheshire cats sportive.

    I am thinking of entering it next year. Has anyone ever done it and what is the route like? I intend to do the 50 miles one.
  3. vickyg13

    Charity Places in Long Course Weekend - Wales Sportive

    Roy Castle have some places for the Wales sportive taking place within the long course weekend 2022. This is an event not to be missed. See the link below for more info on the112 mile ride and details of how to register.
  4. Dan77

    England : Worcestershire Droitwich Sunday Sportive 2021

    Droitwich Cycling Sunday Sportive Sunday 4th July, 2021 Very handy as I live just down the road. Great place to start/finish with really good facilities. Cafe, home made ice cream, beer, etc. This is my target for next summer and something to aim for. I want to do the 104km route which I...
  5. rivers

    First sportive of the year booked

    I've just signed up for the Black Rat sportive, the 181km route. So that's the first of the year booked. I'm just waiting for Chase the Sun registration to open, and that will be number 2, although I don't think it really counts as a sportive, and Great Weston Ride will round out my summer. I...
  6. StickyPTFE

    Deloitte Ride Accross Britain 2020

    I have bit the bullet and signed up for the Deloitte RAB. Lands End to John O’Grotes. 980 miles in 9 days. I have done a couple of century rides and several 70mi rides, but never on consecutive days. Has anybody else done this ride previous in years? Is anybody else signed up for this? Any...
  7. R

    Seashell Trust Sportive (S Mancs/ Peaks) Sun 15th Sept

    I did this last year in miserable wet conditions, but given a perfect weather forecast this Sunday I'm having another go this year. Lovely event, genuine charity with all organising costs covered by sponsors/volunteers, so all your dosh goes to the charity. A few different lengths available...
  8. C R

    England : Worcestershire Tour of Worcester as first sportive

    Hi all I have been considering registering for this sportive in October, as an incentive to do an imperial half century I have been around most sections of the route, though not in one single ride. I regularly ride up to...
  9. icowden

    England : Surrey What next?

    So, I just did my first ever Sportive (London to Brighton) which I really enjoyed despite the rain and the hills. I'm thinking about doing the New Forest 100 in September (not sure whether to go for the standard or the epic though... how tough is the epic?) As a measure, I had to walk...
  10. Tilley

    Recumbent friendly sportive

    Anyone looking for a recumbent friendly sportive try the Cotswold Cogfest. I have taken part for the last 2 years on my ICE trice. Warmly welcomed on each occasion. Last year 4 of us took part and they were very encouraging. 2 route choices 60 and 30 miles both well signed and planned to be...
  11. MDA 998

    1st ever sportive

    looking to get off my butt this year and enter my 1st ever sportive but only looking at something like 30 miles to start off with, in the East. Any advice on what and how much to take as I don't want to overload
  12. Racing roadkill

    Great British Cycling festival Sportive. A 100 mile, closed road Sportive next June. I’m in, I’ve already booked a hotel room :laugh:.
  13. Stonechat

    Baling out of Sportive due to weather

    A few weeks ago I was booked on Velo South, which was cancelled due to weather. I am booked on South Downs Sportive tomorrow, forecasts vary, but seems like ther wil be a lot of rain at least at times and always showery. I think I will pull out. I am 66, do not need to prove how tough I am...
  14. NorthernSky

    How much for your sportive

    i haven't been doing many sportives recently but i would like to aim for one next year when i went to book the one i was considering it was £40 is it me or is that getting a bit steep? how much did you pay for your last one, and what are you prepared to pay? :thumbsup:
  15. NorthernDave

    England : North Yorkshire Wiggle Ay Up! Sportive 7th Oct 2018

    I'm going for the triple of Wiggle Yorkshire Sportives for the first time this year and have just signed up for this one Anyone else taking part? I've signed up for the 'Standard' route at 55 miles / 3,254ft climbing...
  16. hoppym27

    Tour of/de Scotland Sportive Jerseys spotted on commute

    Whilst commuting in this morning (in my car, I always do Mondays in my car), I saw 3 riders sporting the above Jerseys...I was just curious about the event, was it this weekend?...were they badly lost (Im in Manchester).....Ive googled and not found owt
  17. Trigger369

    1st 100km sportive

    Well im a happy man today as ive just finished my 1st 100km sportive . Not so happy about how I recorded the ride on strava and my Garmin tho . Used the 2 for backup . At the start line I was so keen to get going I forgot to start Strava recording and rememberd a few min in that's why if you...
  18. tom73

    Possible First sportive ?

    Right just seen a 30 mile sportive is happening at the end of July in my area. The question is have I really got time to get ready for it given I am only a week into cycling? Fitness wise I am quite fit my rides this week have been about 7 to 11 miles a mix of flat and some hills. (need to...
  19. Nyooome-nore

    England : Dorset Wiggle Bournemouth Sportive.

    Anyone else going to the sportive with the most deceiving logo? The missus and I are going to be taking in the short and regular respectively.
  20. dhd.evans

    Scotland : Kingdom of Fife Kinross Sportive - 28th April 208

    I'll be embarking on this sportive next weekend; any other CC'ers get tickets this year?
  21. SirDickieBird

    Ribble 7005 Sportive vs Planet X RT-58

    Want to upgrade the eBay special £70 roadie that got me started to a new, lighter model. Which of these would you go for?
  22. dominics94

    Ribble Sportive Azzurro Carbon Road Bike

    Top of the range Ribble Sportive Azzurro road bike for sale. Spec: 55cm Carbon frame with Ribble Sportive Azzurro carbon forks. Superleggera alloy seat pillar. Superleggera seat. Shimano gears and brakes. x 2 bottle holders. I will also include the pedals. I have owned this from brand new...
  23. dominics94

    Ribble Sportive Azzurro for sale

    Top of the range Ribble Sportive Azzurro road bike for sale. Tracked on Strava it's only done 136 miles from brand new! I live on the Isle of Wight but can meet in Portsmouth, Southampton or Lymington for collection when purchased! Spec: 55cm Carbon frame with Ribble Sportive Azzurro carbon...
  24. hoppym27

    Portsmouth Sportive

    Does anyone know of any Sportives in the Portsmouth area taking place in 2018?
  25. hoppym27

    Did my first Sportive yesterday..

    and I couldnt have picked a better run or more friendly one either.. I did Share The Road (wild boar route 46 miles). Run by Lancashire Cycle Link in aid of Sustrans. A fantastic day, all the other riders were supportive and friendly and the carrot cake at the feed station was to die for...I'll...
  26. hoppym27

    Christmas/New Year Sportive

    Can anyone recommend any good fun Christmas/New Year Sportives? Preferably in the North West but I will travel if required.
  27. D

    WITHDRAWN - Lynskey Ti Sportive - 56cm Sram Red

    I am selling my beloved Lynskey Ti Sportive (Planet X), the bike has been an absolute dream to ride and is in fantastic condition. It is one of the rare Planet X bikes built by Lynskey so has made in Tennessee stickers and Lynskey decals. The wheels are in fantastic condition and were only...
  28. Rupie

    Wales Velothon or Ride London ?

    I'm sure some of us have done both so just wondered which one people enjoyed the most and liked the best. I know not everyone lives in either london or cardif or wouldn't waste money on either event but if you did and transport was not a problem which would you recommend ?
  29. Welsh wheels

    Enjoyed my first sportive

    I completed my first sportive last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. I did the Wiggle Wye Valley Warrior standard route, 73.3 miles and 6,645 feet of climbing. I managed to do it in 5 hours so I was chuffed with that. I was pleased that my training paid off and I didn't find it too hard. The...
  30. SirDickieBird

    Wiggle Sportive Times

    Does anyone know how they work out the timings for the Gold/Silver/Bronze "certificates" on these events? Just wondering if they bore any relationship to any "standards" or just made up by Wiggle to make people seem like they're getting more for their money...
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