Riding with someone who is slower..

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by koro, 18 Apr 2010.

  1. Fnaar

    Fnaar Smutmaster General

    Ride up hills at your own pace, then stand at the top clapping in a mildy 'sarcastic' way, saying "Oh, well done" in a similar tone. That'll help things ;):smile::smile::sad:

    On the flat, offer a TdF style commentary on her efforts :smile:

    Seriously though, on the (very odd) occasion I go out cycling with Mrs F, I just see it as a totally different sort of ride to my other usual rides. Much slower, but enjoyable in a very different kind of way.
  2. Chrisc

    Chrisc Über Member


    Same here, different types of riding, sedate and manic....dutch bike and pashley, road bike.
  3. Norm

    Norm Guest

    I have yet to find anyone who is slower. :smile:

    +1 to the different type of riding. When I'm out with someone who is slower, it's often because they are much less experienced (wife and kids etc) so I'm trying to get them to understand the safety bubble, keep away from the door zone, courtesy to walkers etc. Whilst the physical effort might be reduced, I feel just as tired when I get home.
  4. MacB

    MacB Lover of things that come in 3's

    That's it, when are we meeting up for a ride Norm?:smile:
  5. Norm

    Norm Guest

    Whenever, Mac. :sad: I ride at least half way to Farnborough quite regularly, to Swinley, to visit a friend in Windlesham or doing a lap of Virginia Water lake. :smile:

    Which reminds me, I need to pop over to Arborfield to see someone in the near future too. :smile:
  6. psmiffy

    psmiffy -

    Handicap - Two very large panniers full of books - or a picnic
  7. SavageHoutkop

    SavageHoutkop Über Member

    I'm the slower of myself and Mr SHK - similarly, I don't like him right on my wheel (where he normally ends up if he goes behind me) as it
    a) obstructs my line of sight for checks behind me for overtaking cars etc
    B) means my swerve around a pothole etc line is limited.
    If he rode further in the gutter than I did it would be better but he seems to default position to diagonally behind my rear wheel on the right hand side.

    What works for us (usually) is that either he cycles in front with frequent checks that he isn't leaving me in the dust (or I haven't found something interesting I want him to look at); and on uphills (which I am awful at) I let him go and catch him at the top.

    We have a system of bell-ringing as well - one ping from the rear bike is 'ok, speed up', two pings is 'need to stop'.
  8. OP

    koro Active Member

    Thanks, it seems to be a common feature that no matter how many times you tell your partner that they can do whatever they like,,,they still dont want us on their back wheel...

    We have used a similar system as to the bells, ours tends to be strong language, lol.

    Today we were able to go out again, I thought that we would do 30 miles, my fault though it ended up being 38...me very bad, I am still hearing about it...
  9. TijnUK

    TijnUK New Member

    It will never be good enough anyway.

    I had a girlfriend who was extremely fit. We decided to climb the Mont Ventoux. She always used to be slower but could ride a very good pace. When we started training in France the 2 weeks before we took on the Ventoux I said it is each on our own when climbing and had many rows because she couldn't keep up. On the day we climbed the Ventoux I cursed my heart out at her as she was up one minute earlier than me. Still remember the smuck face when I reached the top.
  10. ufkacbln

    ufkacbln Guest

    My wife has been known to put rocks in my panniers!
  11. buggi

    buggi Bird Saviour

    to be honest, 14-15mph over 30 miles is pretty good. you're wife may never get quicker.

    i think the only thing that might help is to join a club and do some time trialling. that might get her speed up.

    also, if you join a club you might start going out with the groups that match each of your abilities, and you will prob find your wife is quite happy with that. secretly, she's cursing you anyway for always going too fast (i bet you find it easy and secretly she's thinking i wish he'd slow down, i fookin knackered)
  12. OP

    koro Active Member

    The problem that I/we have is time constraints, going out with a club would of helped. Although, my wife dosn`t like me on her back wheel, so don`t know how she would think riding in a group (she may prefer it, lol).
    There is a Aberstwyth - Kington bike ride later in the year (60mile). I am starting to drop a few feelers :wacko: . I know she could do it..

    I may get her to think of doing a sponsored ride, it`s how I got her to do a Tandem Parachute Jump.. :smile: (it`s on Youtube, Maria Tandem Hinton)

    Oh and I get knackered too....:laugh:
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