"Seat is a bit tatty"



Velo, boulot, dodo
I like to have a gander at what's for sale near me. Just found this Wiggins Rouen on eBay

"Seat is bit tatty
Generally good condition
Some wear marks and been used"

Thanks for mentioning that saddle geezer, might've been disappointed otherwise.
Well fark me if they're not all like that, I thought someone had ridden it into a tree.
Saddle wouldn't bother me - it's made by Torquemada anyway.

Bars have been rotated a tad and that is the shape of the forks, honest... :laugh:

I saw a *really* ratty Rouen in Cambridge the other week. I deliberately parked my shiny, well-maintained Chartres next to it in the racks... :whistle: :giggle:


Yeuch. Not much to recommend it really.
Yeah, I got caught out by those forks. After a year of informing cyclists struggling to control their brand new Halfords built bikes that the forks were on back to front, I encountered the proud owner of a new Wiggins. On enquiry it too proved to be a Halfords build, and I gave the usual warning . . . Doh!!!!

Maybe Bradley has his sideburns on back to front?

Sorry, I have to :giggle: with this. I have (and ride) two Wiggins bikes btw - the fork design is a nod to the Pinarello Dogma, and no, they're not on backwards. ;)
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