Show us the inside of your kitchen cupboard


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We are amidst a colour change on the kitchen doors, Mrs Newts has been tidying the cupboards. I never realised we had empty spaces within. Our go to flat bread recipe is 1 part Greek yoghurt : 2 parts self raising flour.


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I love those places, I have a Caribbean market stall near me and he does the bottled sauces from all over the place. My favourites are the Bajan pepper sauces with that mustard angle, like Aunt May's and Windmill.

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The Windmill sauce is one of my faves.


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Mr WD is a big fan of sauces. He often mixes and matches sauces together to get the flavour he wants. However I did find one bottle of sauce at the back of the pantry yesterday with a use before 2013 date on it.

After posting the phot of mine, I was shamed into cleaning it and having a big clear out. :laugh:
You can't beat a good clear out. 😄

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Heres ours, perhaps we need a new thread, show us your fridge.


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