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So, I want a singlespeed for knocking about town/commuting. I have my eye on a Charge Plug, but would like to see what other options people would suggest. I don;t have a huge budget, and have a bike on cyclescheme already, so that is out of territory...

No rush, I'll just want to see what people suggest.



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I got a second hand Peason Touche from someone on here, lovely and light. I tried a Plug too, quite liked it, but felt heavier and slower...and it was black...

I ended up spending about £400 as I needed to get a new fork as the steerer had been cut and it was far far too low at the front, and I added crosslever brakes. Luckily, I live a mile from Pearsons!
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Having had my Mango bike for a few weeks now I can honestly recommend them. They start at £279 with flat bar but I paid £15 more for bull bars. I wanted something cheap to test the water with as the idea of riding fixed gear (they ship set up for single speed) appealed but I didn't want to spend a lot in case I didn't like it.

The bike itself weighs 11.5kg which isn't too bad. It's a lot lighter than my hybrid. It rides like a dream. Quiet and smooth and feels solid. I love riding around the local cycle paths on it.


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Plug is a bit of a tank. I loveable, bullet-proof, solid, dependable, and dare I say it, thoroughly loveable tank. Was my second fixed/ss. I'm now building my fourth.


I too looked at the plug but ended up getting the Pearson Touche that @vickster brought off me!

I loved the simplicity and feel of the ride (and boy was it light) but my right knee just didn't agree, sadly I need gears to spin!
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