So cycling indoors in warmth and comfort is the same as cycling outdoors ?


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And therefore she’s not actually been anywhere on her bike, let alone 5000 miles, IMO you can’t cover distance without moving. :rolleyes:
She’s exercised indoors for x amount of time!

Coincidentally, I went to school with someone called Catherine Allen, won’t be her, she’s long married


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I suppose it is still cycling, it's just different. Apart from the very obvious difference, there are other things to consider. For instance, if I go on a long and challenging bike ride outdoors, I would have to pace myself to make sure I returned back to base. If I were to do a long and challenging bike ride indoors, I should be able to go much further (assuming I dealt with the boredom of it) as I could run myself until the tank was empty and I could collapse alongside the stationary bike.


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But the point for me is you’re not going anywhere on a turbo, you can exercise to the point of collapse without having to get home...while outside you need to be able to get home (but it doesn’t necessarily have to be on a bike, train, taxi, horse and cart can transport you if required)


Who does her cycling indoors inconvenience exactly?
She's on her bike by 4.30 every morning and clocks 100km per day on a calibrated smart trainer, so she's putting out more geniune watts in total than if she went for a 5-hour gentle spin outdoors (hence time being an equally inappropriate metric) every day.

To answer the very specific question from the thread title: in terms of the CW5000 challenge, yes. Yes it is.


If you stand on a treadmill and it starts up, you get moved backwards maybe a metre or two and deposited on the floor. So someone running at 8mph for an hour on a treadmill could say that they prevented themselves from moving 8 miles backwards, so some kind of negative credit of Cartesian displacement. Doesn't really trip off the tongue though, and as a bicycle is always locked onto the trainer the same doesn't really apply.

Any kind of stationary indoor cycling is like having sex with a blowup doll - no matter what fancy features the manufacturers add to make things more realistic, it's still a spiritually empty experience.


FFS its better than her sat on her arse eating mars bars. good effort and well done I say.

yes its different to cycling outdoors and, depending on her diet, she didn't have any wind to worry about but she's still done more exercise and burnt more calories than anyone above who's criticising her (and far more than me too)
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