So how many recumbent riders have we?

Discussion in 'Recumbents, Trikes and HPVs' started by Andy in Sig, 13 Sep 2007.

  1. andytheflyer

    andytheflyer Veteran

    South Cheshire
    Hi @kerryw
    I have a Performer 2w recumbent - I live down the A41 not far from you. If you need help with the Performer I may be able to advise. Good pieces of kit though.
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  2. hoxtonhopper

    hoxtonhopper Active Member

    I've been laid back since 1998, when I bought my first bikeE at Bikefix. I upgraded from that bikeE 'AT' model to a bikeE 'RX' a few years later, just before the bikeE corporation folded, and it's still going pretty well.

    About four years ago I added to the stable by buying a second-hand Ratcatcher 9, made by Mike Burrows.

    Both bikes are great fun to ride, but the latter is an absolute dream, especially on a good road. Mike envisaged it as a fast day bike or weekend tourer, but I have pressed it into service for some longer rides. The furthest I've been on it so far is the south of France and back.
  3. neil earley

    neil earley Über Member

    Well done on your ride to France ,love the ratcatcher seen a few on YT and look a nice fast bent
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  4. starbug

    starbug Regular

    I have an ICE Adventure rs trike
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  5. TheDoctor

    TheDoctor Resistance is futile! Moderator

    *raises hand*
    Hello. I'm TheDoctor and I've joined the Dark Side! A Pashley PDQ, since you ask.
    Here it is, on the way back from Norfolk.
  6. Sailorsi

    Sailorsi Recumbents - Exercise whilst lying down

    Exercise whilst lying down, can't beat it. :cheers:
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  7. ufkacbln

    ufkacbln Guest


    I hear Ms Goodbody also recommends this, but I have no idea what she rides
  8. mrandmrspoves

    mrandmrspoves Middle aged bald git.

    I used to have one just like yours! ☺
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  9. TheDoctor

    TheDoctor Resistance is futile! Moderator

    It's a small world!
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  10. Arellcat

    Arellcat Active Member

    Another recumbent rider checking in.

    I started in about 2003 with a Windcheetah, then added a HP Velo Speedmachine in about 2005. I bought a Lightning P-38 in 2007 and sold the other two (I loved the SpM but had endless knee trouble), then bought a RANS V-Squared a couple of years after that for touring. I now divide my time about equally between my P-38, which I really love to bits, and my carbon Quest velomobile which is fast, comfortable, warm, huge, impractical, and lots of fun.
  11. stearman65

    stearman65 Well-Known Member

    I have a Triaid / Theraplay Tracer!!! What's that you say. It's classed as a motability aid which I bought yesterday & hope to convert to a more user friendly trike with gears & QR wheels.:bicycle: Details will emerge when I'm approved.
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  12. earbyphil

    earbyphil Regular

    New recumbent rider from the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.
    I purchased a second-hand Performer 700 to try my hand at a new skill.
    It has been a steep learning curve with only slight injuries. I am taking the recumbent to the Netherlands for my holiday as I need some flat land to try some distance trips.
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  13. Andrew1971

    Andrew1971 Senior Member

    @earbyphil where about's of the yorkshire dales are you. i am a northallerton
  14. Alex H

    Alex H Guru

    We Bought a Hase Pino tandem a couple of months ago, so my wife is now a recumbent rider ^_^

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  15. ufkacbln

    ufkacbln Guest

    I think you can "join the club" by default
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