So what have I forgotten?

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I am getting be gear together for my tour. As a beginner i thought I'd post up my gear list and see what you chaps reckon....too much? Forgotten anything?...all comments welcome. Hopefully the exercise might also help other touring 'newbies'...anyway her is my list:

Panniers front & rear & bar bag
Puncture repair kit & Multi tool with Chain tool
Inner tubes x2
Chain repair links x3
Bike cable locks x2
Cycle computer
Cycle helmet white
Cycle fingerless gloves
Presto pump
Front & rear Smart lights and spare batteries
Lube oil
High vis Bib
Water bottles x2
Goldeneye maps
Details of campsites, bike shops and hostels on route
Mobile phone & charger
Plastic spoon
Trangia 27 cookset
Bottle of Meths
Length of line (tie up bike to tent and washing)
Nike walkable SPD road shoes
Spare cleats for shoes
Head sweat band
Socks x3
Cycle jacket (likely Altura nightvision)
Cycle shorts x2
Cycle shirts x2
Track suit trousers x1
Sunglasses (cheap mirror shades)
Contact lenses & x2 spare sets & cleaning liquid
Glasses and cleaning cloth
Toothbrush and small tube of toothpaste
Lightweight hairbrush
Sleeping bag and stuff sac
Sleep mat (in refuse sack)
Tent, pegs and pole & tarp footprint (leave stuff sac behind?)
Swiss army knife
Small torch with spare batteries taped to it
hotel style sewing kit
Pain killers (no box)
Bin liner bags x4
Digital camera (palm size) & charger
Sports lightweight towel
T-mobile top up card
Bacterial/disinfectant wipes for public bogs
Bog roll (no tube)
Tea bags
Porridge/dried soups/nuts and raisens/muesli/dreid bananas
Salt sachets small
Boil in bag rice
Hotel style shampoo bottles x2
Insect repellent spray
Small freezer bags (for food)
J cloths
Chopping board (small)
Vitamen C tabs
Knee support bandage
Mini TV?


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I am going to take a sports towel...but soap...well i thought I'd just go with the shampoo bottles I lifted from a hotel in Germany....I was even thinking of cutting my hair to save's down to my collar bone ...all the kids round here call me Hagrid:biggrin::biggrin:


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The towel's on the list.
Plain soap is handier than relying on hotel shampoo - you can use it for dishes as well as hair, body and shaving

Cutlery appears to be limited to a plastic spoon and the swiss army knife - I'd suggest adding a plastic knife and fork (eg those green lexan ones). The SAK isn't too good for eating or spreading butter on sandwiches.
One of those sponge/pot-scourer jobbies would be handy, with one J-cloth for tent-wiping duties.
A secondary source of fire may be handy if your matches get damp - a bic lighter?

Sunscreen missing, but if it's a UK tour (was it East Anglia?) there's not much chance of needing that, or the insect repellent, this year.

There appears to be no off-the-bike evening clothing. I'd suggest you want (at least) a pair of lightweight trousers (or zip-offs for shorts duty), a t-shirt, a lightweight fleece, undies and a pair of flip-flops or similar.
If you get wet during the day you need something dry to change into, otherwise your sleeping bag etc will get damp quite quickly.
If you get consecutive wet days with no chance to dry stuff, you just have to bite the bullet and put wet gear on. There's no point in putting dry stuff on if it's only going to be wet in an hour or two.


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...good points...thankyou:becool:. the bic lighter makes sense and a scouring pad too, although the pans are supposed to be non stick. I'll add some proper cutley (plastic) as you suggest.I'm in two minds about longer trousers. I can t find any of those zip on/off ones in my size anywhere and I doubt I'll be eating out of an evening much since it's just me this trip. The suntan lotion was on th elist origionally but i ditched it as the bottle was heavy and I thought the same as you..unlikely to need it this year in the UK...I'll take the insect spray 'cos I attract the buggers like a magnet.


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I second the suggestion of cable ties and pvc tape, also as you are taking a washing line, better add a few clothes pegs too.
Will you really need a torch for summer touring? Perhaps, but spare batteries could be purchased en route.
Half bottle of whisky could replace pain killers and bacterial wipes.:biggrin:
Paper serviettes picked up in cafes along the way could be used instead of carrying bog roll and J cloths.
Chopping board seems a bit excessive.:biggrin:


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A spork (spoon one end, fork the other) works for me, along with one small but decent sharp veg knife.
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