Suitable panniers LEJOG/Touring


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I'm looking at panniers that will be suitable for a bash at LEJOG. There is soooo much out there I'm not really sure what would be appropriate, I've come across these:

They are more for communting but they seem good quality 20 lts each and have welded seams, reflective AND look to be at a competitive price.......

I'm in the dark here would they be suitable for a tour or too bulky and I should go for something else, 40 lts sounds alot but I've not even started looking into what I'll be taking. The aim is to ride unsupported staying in hostels/ B & B's etc. I certainly don't want to make it any harder for myself!



They'll be good for LEJOG. I've got a very similar pair and have taken them touring. You shouldn't need to fill them if you're not camping so just be disciplined with your packing and keep the weight down.


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For LeJoG I will be using a Carradice Nelson Longflap, Bagman and a 6 ltr handlebar bag. I've light-toured with this combo and it works fine. No rack, no panniers and plenty of space. The Nelson L/Flap expands to 18 ltrs. You could easily camp with 40 ltrs capacity.
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