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Tales from today's commute....

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by martint235, 28 Jun 2012.

  1. Simontm

    Simontm Über Member

    Cold ride in. Took a risk using the bike path, changed my mind and went back into the road just as it appeared that it was no longer icy - go figure!
    Some nutter Audi driver was punishment passing cyclists on Ken High St leaving me to wonder which one would he actually hit :rolleyes::angry:
    Numpty count: 1 bloke moved in towards me twice, once on Kew Bridge, then the approach to Chiswick :angry:
  2. MichaelO

    MichaelO Über Member

    Merstham, Surrey
    The new cycle path at Stockwell (heading North, and turning towards Vauxhall) is an absolute nightmare, particularly when it's damp & freezing - turns into an ice rink. Spotted a youtube video from @gaz last night almost coming off a couple of days ago, after nearly suffering the same yesterday morning. It was just as bad this morning - big accident waiting to happen.
  3. Simontm

    Simontm Über Member

    Spent all day with stomach cramps and could only drink some tea so the ride home had to be a gentle one with the lack of energy. Popped into Bayswater Evans and the kind people gave me two screws for my rack as they'd popped off somewhere this morning. Didn't charge but gave me a lecture on too much using of the big ring :laugh:
    Numpty count: 1 a fo Range Rover at Kew. Stuck my hand out to move into right turn lane and had to pull it back in sharpest to avoid the flying Range cutting across me :angry:
  4. r04DiE

    r04DiE 300km a week through London on a road bike.

    Well, I didn't get enough sleep last night but I struggled out anyway. The run in was comfy but it rained all the way home. Pretty sure I had a tailwind all the way home though so not compalining. That's my minimum mileage in the bag for this week.
    Last edited: 6 Jan 2017
  5. Lonestar

    Lonestar Rat Run Cyclist

    CS 2 and CS 3
    Not much to say about commute 3 (Saturday commute) Hazy on the way in but on the way back Saturday Night plenty of boy racers about...dodgy headlights and dodgy cyclists/pedestrians.Two cars went straight through a red on pedestrian lights near Tower Hill.Luckily no peds were crossing at the time.At Shadwell bus blocking everything due to BMW (surprise surprise) hitting it when coming out a side turning.Couldn't have missed that incident by much.Bimmer driver was more interested in his phone (hmmm) while a rather upset bus driver was taking pictures of the damage.My front wheel slipped on manhole cover after pulling away from a temporary traffic light near East India. due to me having to pull up to the lights as a car wanted to turn in there....and some dithering idiot who didn't know where they were going near the Canning Town flyover...Foreign number plate but unsure what side they were driving on although I could see a mobile being used on right hand side.Then the usual backstreet stuff with yet another pedestrian stepping out without looking but not really a problem.
  6. r04DiE

    r04DiE 300km a week through London on a road bike.

    Yep, that looks like a fairly standard London commute :O
  7. Bazzer

    Bazzer Much to do and not enough hours

    More peds, buses and cars this morning and (sadly) inevitably more speeders and drivers who can't be arsed to use one millijoule of energy to flick an indicator switch.
    On the positive side, got to work just as it was starting to rain and my second consecutive creak free ride. So it looks like that problem has finally been nailed after many frustrating rides.
  8. HarryTheDog

    HarryTheDog Veteran

    Brentwood Essex
    Due to the tube strike in London I spent a lot of time overtaking stationary traffic. No numpties apart from a jogger running out in front of a car, luckily the car driver was switched on and managed not to kill him.
  9. OP

    martint235 Dog on a bike

    Bit meh today but quite an enjoyable ride in. Could be cos I'm in a really good mood with this being my last day in this shitty role.

    No sign of my psycho though
  10. Lonestar

    Lonestar Rat Run Cyclist

    CS 2 and CS 3
    It seems to be a dying trend.Indicating I mean.
  11. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah Staff Member

    Barmy in Barming
    C'mon lady, if you're going to wear a plastic hat then do the straps up. I politely pointed out to you in a pleasant manner that the straps were undone and all I got back was a filthy look and a 'So what'. Pffft.. Happy Monday to you too then.
  12. Simontm

    Simontm Über Member

    Quite quiet until Kew where emergency braking as a car pulled out gave me a noisy ride in for the rest of the way!
    Filthy ride in tho'. Had a stripe of grit and muck on the tights/socks gap.
    Since Kensington is usually chocka with slow cyclists and rlj idiots, had no idea whether there was an increase or not since they are the usual signs ;)
    Numpty count: 1 aforementioned car which then imperiously waved me ahead - no mate, you're coming onto the main road :stop:
  13. J1888

    J1888 Über Member

    I really hate tube strikes.

    When I first started commuting I had that smug sense of 'ha, this doesn't affect me' before realising that it just meant that there are more cars, more peds taking risks and most noticeably, more complete idiots on bikes. I refuse to call them cyclists :boxing:
  14. Simontm

    Simontm Über Member

    AFA extra cyclists are concerned I forgot to add, I'd hate to have been commuting Nth/Sth if the stream of boris bikes, obviously out of the garage bikes etc steaming through Hyde Park was any indicator
  15. Sixmile

    Sixmile Über Member

    N Ireland
    First commute of 2017. Heavy legs and even heavier bike, with squeaky brakes! They weren't squealing when I left it in the garage at the end of December.

    Couldn't find the keys to my locks, delayed me half an hour leaving the house, finally got to work and my main lock has seized. Fortunately I was given a spare by a colleague last month so that made its debut today. This year can only get better!