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Tales from today's commute....

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by martint235, 28 Jun 2012.

  1. Supersuperleeds

    Supersuperleeds Guru

    That was the hardest ride I've had for a while, ice tyres and that wind made it very difficult. On the plus side the LBS has just called to tell me my wheel is ready so I can get off the ice bike until.... (goes looks at weather forecast) tomorrow :sad:
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  2. 13 rider

    13 rider Veteran

    Windy that's it
  3. hennbell

    hennbell Über Member

    I am in the middle of a really cold snap at the moment, so cold, 2 weeks of -20C and a howling wind. But the good news is the days are getting longer, sun is setting around 4:30. So I ride to work in the total darkness but the ride home is mostly in the sunlight. Today is a very strange weather day -24C and lots of wind at 7 am, by noon it is still windy but only -10, tonight it is expected to return to -24 but less than half the wind.

    Only 2 to 3 months till the snow melts!!!!
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  4. Supersuperleeds

    Supersuperleeds Guru

    You are my favourite poster. If the weather here is crap I tell myself it is nothing compared to what you will be riding in.
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  5. edrobbin

    edrobbin Regular

    Windier than something really flippin windy. hideous headwind kept turning into a vicious crosswind. There were several times when it nearly knock me off.

    For Leeds people - going into town under the bridge by the station @ 05:45 - workmen let me through which was nice. What wasn't nice was when I turned past the Queen's the wind literally stopped me in my tracks - a complete standstill - couldn't believe it.

    Not a nice day on the bike
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  6. Sheffield_Tiger

    Sheffield_Tiger Veteran

    The first 2 miles of my ride home were glorious
    Made up for the workout I had on the last 2 miles of my ride in

    But I really need to rebuild the rear wheel on my regular commuter, because my "pub bike" - a 2-tonne MTB frame with a large chainring and 3-speed Nexus hub isn't the best to battle the winds - but I suppose at least the coaster brake prevents me from being blown backwards! ^_^
  7. hennbell

    hennbell Über Member

    Had to give up on the ride home. Full blown blizzard, it is only -8 but the wind is howling. In half an hour we got a snow drift well over a foot high. If I want to ride in this weather I will have to get a fat bike.
  8. Grant Fondo

    Grant Fondo Parks, Hotels and Palaces, Europe Endless.

    Dude I use a fat bike for getting around Cheshire when it drops below 10 degrees and spits a bit
  9. Lonestar

    Lonestar Rat Run Cyclist

    CS 2 and CS 3
    I saw one of those on why commute last week and wondered what that was all about.Just looked it up and now I know.
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  10. chriswoody

    chriswoody Veteran

    Just fell off on black ice, no damage thankfully. I'd seen the warning signs, but was to busy thinking about other things and the fact I was running slightly late for the train, so they never really sunk in. Went round the corner and over I went. Oh well, had to happen sometime. Still managed to make the train with a couple of seconds to spare.

    Just as I got up and composed myself another cyclist came around the corner and did the same thing, no damage either, thankfully it's a slow tight corner on a traffic less bit of road.
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  11. Leaway2

    Leaway2 Veteran

    Manchester (Sale)
    Windy last night. Wet this morning. The rain stopped as I walked into the building :angry:.
  12. OP

    martint235 Dog on a bike

    Well let's hope the commute home is as uneventful as the commute in.
  13. Arjimlad

    Arjimlad Tights of Cydonia

    South Glos
    First ever ride on Schwalbe Winter ice spike tyres, slow heavy & noisy - sounds like you're riding on ice everywhere !

    I took a chance riding down a closed road (Hortham Lane) and got through as a pedestrian. Three large holes in the road have been dug to improve drainage - most definitely impassable for cars, as half a dozen motorists discovered after ignoring the road closure signs. If the workmen had been in attendance I would probably not have got through.
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  14. Sixmile

    Sixmile Über Member

    N Ireland
    Cold (for us UK folk) ride in this morning and my thick gloves hadn't dried from the previous day but still a good, uneventful ride to work.
  15. summerdays

    summerdays Cycling in the sun Staff Member

    I don't suppose you went through Aztec and can report on how bad the lane closure has made it there...?