Tales from today's commute....


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First commute of the year on the road bike, hello again sun......Newly serviced 105 drivetrain and Dura-Ace wheelset, its a joy to ride, even into a mad headwind :smile:.

So very nice out yesterday I put away the mountain bike and rode my cyclocross.
Cyclocross has mudguards so with the warm temperatures a mudguards are essential.
Was harassed by a trio of teenagers in a lowrider truck. But got my revenge when I ran into them later in the commute. Rather than confront me they choose to try to hide down a one way street. I just let them go.


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First commute into work in.... a while. Students are beginning to return on the 8th, so we're in to prep all of our spaces. My normal commute is the Bristol to Bath railway path, but there are currently diversions in place. As I couldn't be asked to try and find my way around the diversions, I took the main roads. I hate taking the main roads into work (not so bad on the way home). Regardless, it was nice to be out on the bike (and not on the turbo), and I managed to shave 6 minutes off my main road commute time. Hopefully I don't get told off by my coach for putting out too much effort (supposed to be a recovery week, but I was excited to be outside, on my summer bike on a beautiful morning).
Beautiful ride in this morning on the ebike. The looks you get overtaking lycra, hi-viz and helmet clad roadies while wearing a casual jacket, leather tan boots and denim jeans, whizzing past these unsuspecting folk slogging their guts out on climbs never fails to amuse me. Spring is on it's way and glorious sunshine!!! :sun:

A flat tyre spoiled my only chance to commute to work this week. On the bright side, it was discovered in my garage, and not at the other end of my journey far from warmth and tools.
I have to confess, that night when I got home, I removed the tyre and checked for any sharp bits protruding, nothing. Filled a bucket and checked the tube for air bubbles, I went very slowly around the circumference at least 4 times, no sign of a leak. The valve was fine too. So what the heck caused my tyre to deflate? I was totally baffled. Then I realised, I recalled I found the valve cap on a shelf in the garage and I didn't remember putting it there, about a week before I topped up the tubes up and must have forgotten to seal the presta valve completely, the air must have just slowly leaked out. 1 hour of my life I won't get back :B).
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I had similar a few weeks back. Fine when I got in. Next day chucked panniers on for supply run and as I rolled backwards I noticed the rear was flat. Switched for a new tube and pumped old one up and went out. It is still inflated in the dining room? No clue.


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Got caught out today by the cold when I left home in thin socks and gloves and by the time I arrived at work, I couldn't feel my fingers or toes.

On the way home, I rode through about 1,000 metres of shite covered lane (muck spreading time) until I came across a slurry tanker blocking the lane as it pumped liquid poo into a spreader. The farmer (I know him) said I could walk though the adjacent field to the gate just a bit further up where I could rejoin the lane.

500 metres of muddy field later, I rejoined the lane only to find it equally covered in shite and mud.

I wouldn't have minded, but I'd spent my lunch hour cleaning and lubing the bike in anticipation of a nice clean and dry ride home.
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