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April's done. Got out on Saturday - silly me forgot to eat breakfast so did it all fueled on 2 bananas and 750ml of water. 101Km Blaby - Wiloughby Waterlys - Gilmorton - South Kilworth - Stanford on Avon - Guilsborough - Nasenby - Creaton - Brixton - Cottesbroke - Hasslebech - Sibbertoft - Marston Trussel - Theddingworth - Mosely (via a nice climb after the bridge on the road past the old station) - Saddington - Arnesby - Countesthorpe - Blaby

Ran into a pothole at the 97K mark (just south of Countesthorpe) resulting in my first flat in ages. Fortunately I carry 3 spare tubes so didn't take long to get back on the road. Hard work, tiring but a nice ride.
Early monthly round up ,plenty of days but just weekend to go . We have 25 riders fully posted up ,2 riders with rides done but yet to update the challenge thread . So a quick nudge for @Spinney ,@Sbudge ,@Rob and Alison ,@fatjel ,@Fergs and @PatrickPending . The sharp-eyed of you may notice @slow scot is missing of the list because @slow scot has done everything correct this month so there is no need to mention @slow scot so I did not mention @slow scot in the list
All caught up, been riding quite a few longer rides recently. Ironically because the Slate is currently poorly which I usually use for shorter forest trail rides. The Slate should be back and about 1kg lighter within a couple of weeks and then the fun can really start!


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Blooming chilly wind this morning :cold:. Tried a new café for coffee and flapjack, The Tea Room in Wheelton as recommended by son in law, however he forgot to tell me it was at the bottom of a hill. Still very good coffee and made a change from Frederick's. Got very cold on the downhills then boiled on the up hills so on average I was comfortable :wacko: 60 .1 Kms done and 774metres of upness. In for May :okay:


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Managed a couple of rides over the last few days and finally got May done yesterday (would have been Saturday but my good lady dragged me to the beach for the day).

I am hoping for a good month this month with a lot of qualifying rides 2-3 a week at least. That very much depends on the weather though with both the rainy and Typhoon season almost upon us.
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