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Discussion in 'CycleChat and Recreational Rides' started by mmmmartin, 1 Oct 2017.

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  1. OP

    mmmmartin Random geezer

    Duilich. Bha mi a 'ciallachadh meanbh-chuileagan a bhìdeadh. chan e na "mnathan-glùine" a thàinig Google Translate ris.
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  2. Fab Foodie

    Fab Foodie hanging-on in quiet desperation ...

    Blimey! It’s spreading!
  3. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Overconfidentii Vulgaris Moderator

    Mod note:

    I'll just pop a reminder of the rulez.gif in here and ask everyone to please post in English or to provide an accurate translation of non-english phrases.

    Sadly necessary due to a small number of childish members who think it funny to try and slip insults or swearing past the mods via other languages.

  4. OP

    mmmmartin Random geezer

  5. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Overconfidentii Vulgaris Moderator

    Sorry to have to ask.:blush:
  6. OP

    mmmmartin Random geezer

    Golly! A reply has arrived from the Lisieux tourist office. My question was: how do we make a reservation?
    The answer is: "how many emplacements do you want?"
    This does not answer the question, obvs.
    Two points spring to mind:
    1. Fridays using one small tent are unlikely to want to pay for an entire emplacement designed for a caravan or motorhome. There might be what is called a "backpackers area".
    2. Those using a caravan or motorhome will need a bigger, individual, emplacement.
    Of these two points, the third one is:
    3. Not all campers will necessarily want pitches for the same period. Some may arrive earlier or leave later.

    The best way forward looks to be that campers email the Lisieux tourist office and ask for one emplacement. But as we don't go for six months it may be that the tourist office, in the way of these things, will promise a reservation that will then be lost in the mists of time.
  7. OP

    mmmmartin Random geezer

    So I did we might want only two or three emplacements and they said it was necessary only to email them and she what you wanted and they would inform the campsite guardian.
    Is the email address.
    One assumes they know it won't be full or that the guardian will make a note of your request for a pitch.
  8. EatSleepRideRepeat

    EatSleepRideRepeat AKA Martin from Wales

    West Wales
    Yep, that sounds a convincing shot in the dark.
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  9. ianmac62

    ianmac62 Veteran

    I'll keep this joke in English, then! Mind you, my great-grandfather had only Gaelic and no English.

    In today's Guardian, an article on windfarms on Lewis (Eilean Leòdhais), following a story that the crofters want their own wind-farms and see no reason why multi-nationals should own them, quotes a Lewis man as saying, "I've lived with wind and gales on my croft for decades and it's only now I've worked out how to make money from it. All I need is to find a way of making money from rain and dark nights and I shall be a millionaire!"

    My family is from Gigha (Eileen Giogha) where, after a community buy-out from the last landlord, the islanders erected three wind farms which they named Faith, Hope and Charity.
  10. Crackle

    Crackle Pah

    You might be interested in an upcoming Radio 4 broadcast then

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  11. ianmac62

    ianmac62 Veteran

    Much appreciated @Crackle - I'll give that a listen. In the notes on the programme webpage, there's mention of Joe Teale who runs the only shop on Gigha ... and the only bike-hire facility. Particularly trendy bikes for Gigha. Here's his shop on a lovely August day.

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  12. OP

    mmmmartin Random geezer

    Another email has flooded in. Sadly, this is in French and not in English, hence my need to post it in a non English language.


    J’accuse réception de votre demande d’informations pour un futur séjour au camping de la Vallée à Lisieux.

    Il n’y a bien sûr aucun soucis pour vous réserver des emplacements. Le mieux serait de nous dire quelques jours avant (ou dès que vous avez l’information) le nombre d’emplacements dont vous airez besoin, pour les tentes et pour les campings cars. Pour cela, vous pourrez reprendre contact avec le gardien, Monsieur Platel, que vous avez déjà contacté.

    Les tarifs 2018 sont les suivants

    Forfait 1 « petites installations », dans l’espace tentes : 12 € (compris 2 personnes, emplacement ,véhicule, eau sur les emplacements, accès aux sanitaires)

    Forfait 2 Grandes tentes, caravanes, campings cars) : 14 € (compris 2 personnes, emplacement et véhicule, eau sur les emplacements, accès aux sanitaires).

    Par adulte supplémentaire, par emplacement (à partir de la troisième personne) : 3.70 €

    Non compris dans ces tarifs

    Electricité : 3 € (4 ampères), 4.10 € (8 ampères), 5.10 € (1 ampères)

    Taxe de séjour (par nuit et par personne adulte) : 0.50 €

    Je précise aussi que le camping n’accepte pas les règlement par carte bancaire. Le règlement sera donc à effectuer en espèces auprès du gardien.

    Enfin ,je précise que le camping ne dispose pas de local fermé pour garer les vélos.

    Vous souhaitant bonne réception de ces précisions, et restant à votre disposition.

    Bien cordialement.

    Emmanuel PACCAUD


    11 rue d'Alençon - BP 26020 - 14106 Lisieux Cedex
    Tél. +33 (0)2 31 481 810 - Fax. +33 (0)2 31 312 767
  13. EatSleepRideRepeat

    EatSleepRideRepeat AKA Martin from Wales

    West Wales
    Sterling effort mmmmartin, well done.
    Looks like a possibility of sharing a camp space, even at the higher rate for the large tent it would reduce the cost.
    Anyone want to share?
    Booking can be done at a later date, Monsieur Paccaud seems very laid back about the urgency of booking.
  14. mjr

    mjr Wanting to Keep My EU Citizenship

    {My notes in braces... this is a fairly literal translation so I hope you get the idea.}


    I acknowledge receipt of your request for information about a future stay at the Lisieux Valley campsite.
    There is not of course any care about your reserving some pitches. {In other words, it's OK.} The best would be to tell us some days before (or whenever you have the details) the number of pitches that you will need, for the tents and the camping cars. For that, you can resume contact with the caretaker, Mr Platel, that you have already contacted.

    {I think the tarrif options are understandable?}

    I state also that the campsite doesn't accept payment by bank card. The payment will be therefore effected in cash to the caretaker.

    Finally, I state that the campsite doesn't have any local secure place to store the bikes.

    {Closing waffle and salute...}
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  15. Tacey

    Tacey Well-Known Member

    Ok, so I've waded through all the bits about camper vans and lovely photos of outer Hebrides. I've got it that we actually start riding on Sunday 15/7. Can I confirm the end date? I'd hate to miss the last supper as it were. If folks are intending on kipping in Le Havre on the Sunday night, does that mean the last time we all gather for an evening meal will be the Saturday? I'm planning to spend a week in St Malo after the Fridays week, so just wondering about dates to book accomodation. If everyone is dispersing on Sunday morning (ie no rides planned), we'll do likewise.
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