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Won't tell a soul, promise.


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Now you know I really dont want to post these photos.....but I feel Welshie needs cheering up. Just enjoyed a 17 mile tootle (or bimble for our welsh friends^_^). Re the ice cream. I was minding my own business when it sort of jumped out at me :rolleyes:
So you jumped in, with no thought for your own safety, and ate the daylights out of it?


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Sometimes a man's got to do what a man's got to do ^_^
Does that include Welshie? ;)


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Good morning fellow retirees, looks like I'm the first up on the rank today. First, the weather report. It's wet. That scuppers our plans for today. MrsP and I have been married for 38 years today and we were going for a canal cruise from Camden along the Regents canal to Little Venice and back. It won't be any fun in the gloom and the rain. We will still go for a good lunch somewhere though. All the usual things to do first though, dog walking, and domestics. Life can be tough ^_^ no bike riding today.:ohmy:


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Hello world. Grey, raining, a miserable looking sort of day. I am wondering what to do today. Forecast is the same for Friday but significant improvement from Saturday for next ten days. We shall see.

Got a very supportive letter from GP yesterday re my driving licence application. Requested at 9.40 and ready by 1.00 - can't knock that. So that's five minutes of today accounted for as I whizz off the email to the DVLA.

Regardless of weather I think I'll have to get on the allotment or climb the walls in the house.
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