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Derrick, why is the lady dressed like a prototype car in disguise?
There is no accounting for a woman's taste in clothing. I am saying no more,:laugh:


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Casper WY USA
On a different note, here's an old Wyoming story about social distancing.... a man was homesteading in the Thermopolis area of Wyoming and hadn't seen another human being for 18 months. Looking up to the northwest ridge he was surprised to see a horseman riding down to his place. When in earshot the stranger said " howdy...I am John Bartlett your neighbor from Sheridan (about 150 miles away) and I heard someone was living by the hot springs and thought I would invite you up for a Christmas party, can you make it?"
The homesteader asked " Can you tell me anything about the party?"
Mr. Bartlett replied "There will be good food, lots to drink, a little dancing and maybe a few fights. Who knows, perhaps you will get lucky!"
The homesteader replied "Count me in and I'll be looking forwards to it. Thanks for the invite".
As Mr Bartlett rode away the homesteader called out "By the way, what should I wear?
Mr Bartlett replied " whatever you's just you and me".


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We went for a walk along the canal tonight. Not many people around except a bunch of kids sharing a spliff.

I despair.....
A word of advice which you may not have thought of.
If you pass anyone along the canal and step your 2 metres away......just make sure you step away from the water :rolleyes:.
No thanks needed, really^_^


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Evening all. Been using the internet a bit sparingly the last couple of days, got told off by SWMBO because I was on here for most of the day on Monday. So been spending time in the garden doing a bit of tidying up and finished reading my Elton John autobiography, also read @IaninSheffield 's NZ blog, a great read it was too :okay:. We also spent a couple of days in Auckland at the start of are trip, lovely place reminded me of San Francisco but more hilly.
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