The Retirement Thread


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welsh dragon

a permanent vacancy now exists
It is, I only said it looked like^_^

It's to early for your shenanigans :laugh::laugh:
Can someone turn the lights on it's still dark out there :laugh:

Might have a little mountain bike bimble for a change this morning. Just out the new cycle path that runs between Comrie and St Fillans, then on the way back I could climb up to the tv mast on the forestry track. It's to be windy anyway so don't want to venture far.
Just for future reference where approximately does the path start in St Fillans and is it wide enough for a trike ie about 3ft wide?
Have to hang about the house this morning waiting for a call from a GP to discuss the next move following my liver scan which seemed ok but my blood samples are not quite right so some more investigation probably.
Grey day anyway but not raining yet despite the forecast of heavy rain and a brisk southerly wind.
MV Coruisk has "technical problems" so service is in a bit of chaos. Just as well I am not travelling off today.


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Good morning all.
Cool and misty but the sun is threatening to come through.
A tad late but in my defence I was up and about at 0700.......just busy doing stuff.
Nipping out to Wickes shortly for some paint. Sadly I am having to pay someone else to do relatively easy jobs at the moment.
On a positive note I have already had a slice of toast and MrsD has had 2 biscuits. Frightened of saying it but we feel we may be turning a corner^_^.
@PaulSB .....I picked my first 3 red tomatoes yesterday ^_^
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