The Russians are coming!


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I wonder if they'll run a Christmas raffle where you can win a T34 Tank?

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I like there sales model!
“Our model is no service and no marketing.”


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There is quite a high proportion of Eastern Europeans in Fflintshire so makes sense - certainly a lot in Fflint as they have numerous 'Polski' corner shops - Mold is only 15 minutes by car.

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Having more options is always a good thing.

They're aimed at the low income families, of which there are more and more thanks to the tories, so they'll perform great in poorer areas of the country.

I approve of them :okay:

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It is a while since I visited Russia (1990's), but, unless things have changed, the sales model may include no stock on the shelves either ;)
In most towns they have western-style Supermarkets among the local and more traditional stores. Most global and familar western brands/products and similar products can be found. Many of them are like the Sains/Tesco Locals we have here. Even a wide selection of foreign beers...but beware, the tills won't accept payment for beer after 10pm by law, then you have to go to some local all get's a bit interesting from there and I don't recommend unless with a local if you wish to leave with your wallet intact.
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