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Discussion in 'Family and Recreational Cycling' started by Time Waster, 9 Feb 2018.

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    [QUOTE 5149793, member: 45"]Screens. That's the only thing kids are interested in these days.[/QUOTE]
    Don't tell my kid that. He watches a bit of TV or tablet cbeebies apps then turns it off after a period of time. We would actually let him have longer before turning it off. TV and screen time isn't an issue with him. He's only 5 though. Mind you he might change one day.
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    Time Waster

    Time Waster Well-Known Member

    My son loves the clash, Bob marley (plus a few other reggae bands), white stripes and similar. He hates lady gaga, pop and a lot of other carp pop groups.

    He can head bang and pogo with the best of us. The young punk!

    Then when still 4 he got a 16" bike a week after ditching stabilisers and goes straight into doing stunts! A month later he was racing a 7/8 year old who dared to pass him! The look of determination on his face... Proud moment!

    Cycling lessons start this week. The list of skills start with losing stabilisers and ends with taking hand off bars. Yawn! My lad would take both hands off bars and coast with legs out. Try to stand on top tube after sprinting to 10mph and a few other tricks. I hope he's not going to be too bored!

    PS sorry if this sounds like a boast. I'm just proud of his music taste and cycling skills.
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    I wish I could get away with buying my lad a bike as good as mine his is way better and about 600 quid more than I've ever spent on myself. The joys of kids riding. Out of interest what did you just buy?
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    QUOTE 5150069, member: 45"]Sorry, I think I'm misrepresenting myself.

    What I mean is that screen time is a huge challenge these days. Children getting phones, even at what I would consider a reasonable age which is when they start secondary school, are being presented with a screen which displays a miriad of enticements. Social media, games, youtube clips. They all start to merge into one, and at an age where the child is learning to regulate their activity and sometimes needs support to do this. Send a child out with their phone so that they have a way of contacting and being contacted, and the burden comes with it.

    And it does become an obsession. Our kids' screen time is regulated and they don't have square eyes, but even then some of their friends' isn't necessarily.

    It's an issue for all children, regardless of their parenting and self-control.[/QUOTE]
    I hate mobiles, its not just kids either. I have seen plenty of 30-40-50 year old couples sitting opposite each other in Café with mobiles in hand and not a word passes between them. Every spare moment some people seem to be on them.

    I am fairly lucky in that 2 out of 3 of my daughter have not been unduly influenced by them but my middle daughter is the model of what Social Media influence can be. I guess she is the typical middle child, but at 18 not a lot I can really do other than carry on killing the wireless off! Puberty was a like light bulb moment for her, I have never let them have free reign in terms of time but still I have one who is obsessed with Instagram/FB/Snapchat etc and wants to live the Instagram lifestyle. Makes me sound like my Dad I must admit to that.
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