There's no telling some people


I personally think txt drivers are the most dangerouse of all even the 2,3 pints or a glass or 2 of wine drivers look out the window..

if I had my way txters would be banned for 1yr minimum ban as that would teach them far better than a fine.
insurance would need to be harsh too ,better still make the foookers ride a bicycle for transport and see why their actions are so reckless..

im not keen on phone users in cars...and txters are murders in waiting


Flouncing Nobber
I reckon people who get a ban through bannable offences or totting up should have their cars crushed publicly.


Not to sure on totting up but txt and mobile yes.they are a menace.

one on soke parkway a few weeks ago heading towards thorpe wood nick car dropped from aout 70mph to 35,40 wandering allover nearside lane in a new 20k toyota ,mid 30's male..leaning over the wheel trying to do stuff on his phone.traffic was quite heavy too

I wanted to film him but I wont use a phone while driving and keep it in my trowser pocket on silent.
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