Things that some people do which I don't like and intend to bang on about until Hell freezes over.


North Shields
Thanks to @rich p for the cracking thread title.
  • Listen to The Beatles
  • Watch Eastenders or any other soap opera
  • Yell "two's" at me when playing 5-a-side, only to fail to return the ball despite my clearly brilliant run
  • Bring their spawn into the office expecting colleagues to fawn over them
  • Play chess
  • Post cryptic messages on social media, then when questioned say "I'll tell you when I see you"
  • List off foods they can't believe I don't "miss" when I tell them I'm vegan
  • Support Ayr United
  • Claim that Shawshank Redemption is the greatest film of all time
  • Eat crisps for breakfast on public transport, cheese and onion are particularly offensive


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Better now?


Yes I can, Yes I am, Yes I did...Repeat.
Drive like a plank
Get drunk and become offensive
Be late when they set a time to meet
Blitz me on the bike up a hill with a cheery 'good morning!' (You gits!! :laugh:)
Force their opinions on me
Tell me what i should be doing
Try to make me change to suit their needs
Play Telecaster guitars in a cowboy hat along to a backing track
eat with mouth open
chew chewing gum while speaking to me
Tell me that rap music is music
Tell me to smile 'lifes to short' (hate this one 'cos I'm doing more with my life than they are mostly)
Make bikes/jeans/shoes etc in sizes fit for midgets only
Make me deal with a faceless robot when calling them
Hide behind websites
Fail to wash
Piss on the floor instead of the urinal
Get in my face when stinking of onions, beer and stale cigarettes
Who are The Beatles?
I think the approved answer is "they are a popular beat group M'lud"
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