Things you'd like to say, but can't


Oop North (ish)
Will you stop telling customers that you have made some changes & try again, when in reality you have done F*** All & just kicked the can down the road & into somebody else's lap


Shambling ruin of a man
You clueless daffodil, why don’t you do one, and make comments only when you know what you’re talking about? Utter buffoon. This one applies a lot, not just to the Internet.


The Monch
Inside my skull
******€£#! ***** ***** #%*+^€£¥?


Shambling ruin of a man
"Actually no I don't think you should be allowed to drive your sprogs to school as it makes life hell for vulnerable road users who are trying to make journeys that are actually important."

(I may have found myself caught up in the school run rush today in the p***ing rain while going to visit a sick relative and had my life endangered on several occasions by people chauffering their little darlings in 3 ton w***panzers, can you tell?)


Midlands UK
You make such a big thing about all the cleaning you do at home, you ignore your kids because cleaning is more important, and yet during the day you run your fingers through your hair and any that are loose end up on the floor, you tip your coffee dregs into a cup and leave it un-emptied, last Wednesday you left a sandwich in your draw-you are not back until Tuesday, what state will that be in when you come back? Your habits here are pretty gross yet your house is spotless apparently you are the queen of cleaning.
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