Things you'd like to say, but can't


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To my younger self:
don't go near her she's toxic and will continue to cause grief over 10 years post divorce.

To my not so younger self, Make the most of Dad.


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You say you don't feel very well and probably won't be coming to see us, well that is a cop out isn't know we have issues with you and want to have a chat about things, so rather than turn up and deal with things as a grown up you are 'sick'. You are just prolonging the inevitable. Never mind, when you join us on the system all your mistakes will light up like beacons and management will see them all! If we could just deal with things like adults that shouldn't happen so really you are just shooting yourself in both feet.

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I’d be really really happy if I never read the word e-bike again.


The Glue that binds us together.
Enfield council, stop building more houses, when the schools, hospitals, doctors, police, and roads can cope then build more houses, untill then sort out the infrustructer.
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